Conflict may refer to:
Self-Defense Moves You Need To Know ✨
Self-Defense Moves You Need To Know ✨
Suspect Arrested In Unprovoked Elderly Attack
Police say 19-year-old Saul Nunez, of the Bronx, had been arrested in connection with an unprovoked attack on an elderly man in Inwood.
Animation shows the deadly evolution of nuclear weapons
It's been decades since the United States dropped the first atomic bomb. Since then, the exponential increase of the destructive power of nuclear weapons is ...
James R. Clapper Lies In Front Of Senate About NSA Spying On Americans.
S. Hrg. 113-89. (Mar. 12, 2013). Testimony of NSA Director Eric R. Clapper, Current and Projected National Security Threats to the United States. Hearing bef...
Donald Trump's Business Tips!
Business tips from the great businessman him self..Donald Trump. Part 1 Check out for an interesting perspective on Business and ...
The Romanian Revolution (1989)...When An Oppressed People Had Enough The Winds Of Change Move Quickly.
No matter what system is in place the winds of change tumble fast when people had enough. This took place in Romania in 1989 as the revolution spread through Eastern Europe and the Berlin Wall collaps...
Poll finds 7 percent of voters have ended friendships over the election
Seven-in-10 registered voters said the presidential election has brought out the worst in people.
Man 'Injured By Harpoon' During Riot On Corsica Beach After Tourist Takes Photo Of Woman In Burkini
Riot police were summoned and a man was injured by a harpoon when a mass brawl broke out on a beach in Corsica, apparently triggered by a tourist taking a photo of women in “
Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Fans Brawl At German Game With Knives And Bats
A brawl at a wheelchair basketball match in Germany between rival Turkish supporters leaves seven fans needing treatment in hospital.
Women Will Compete To Help Their Children, Study Says
A lot of research suggests women are less competitive than men. Study after study has found that, when given the choice of how they want to be compensated for tasks, men prefer to compete with peers f...
In This City, Parents Must Now Pay Up If Their Child Is A Bully
A Wisconsin city is taking a novel approach to the issue, charging parents a fine of several hundred dollars if their child is the one doing the bullying.
The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats
A memo for my fellow filthy rich who live in our gated bubble worlds: Wake up, people. It won’t last.
Ku Klux Klan Rally In Anaheim Erupts In Violence; Three Stabbed, 13 Arrested
Three people were stabbed, including one who was critically wounded, and 13 were arrested when a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim erupted in violence Saturday, police said.
30 WWII Facts They Do Not Teach You At School |
There is more to WWII than the history books at school are able to tell us, below are 30 facts that your history teacher never told you about!
12 Ranks Of Roman Military Officers And What They Did
The Roman Empire saw one of the first truly professional armies in history, and became the inspiration for European armies that followed it. Though its officers didn’t have the same titles as their mo...
Your Brain Is Hardwired To Snap
The same group of neurons could make you a hero—or a rage-filled aggressor. Road rage is just one example of what neurobiologist Douglas Fields calls “snapping.” From domestic violence to mass shootin...
Dispute resolution
Dispute resolution is the process of resolving disputes between parties.
Methods of dispute resolution include:One could theoretically include violence or even war as part of this spectrum, but di...
Dissent is a sentiment or philosophy of non-agreement or opposition to a prevailing idea (e.g., a government's policies) or an entity (e.g., an individual or political party which supports s...
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Ethnic conflict
An ethnic conflict or ethnic war is an armed conflict between ethnic groups.It contrasts with civil war on one hand (where a single nation or ethnic group is fighting among itself) and regular warfare...
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Human–wildlife conflict
Human–wildlife conflict refers to the interaction between wild animals and people and the resultant negative impact on people or their resources, or wild animals or their habitat. It occurs when growi...
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Interpersonal conflict
An interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people that may range in duration from brief to enduring. This association may be based on inf...
Organizational conflict
Organizational conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests between people working together. Conflict takes many forms in organizations. T...
Peace and conflict studies
Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyses violent and nonviolent behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending conflicts (including social conflicts...
A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, "a turn around") is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.Aristotle described two typ...
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Rival or Rivals may refer to:
Self-defense or self-defence (see spelling differences) is a countermeasure that involves defending the well-being of oneself or of another from harm. The use of the right of self-defense as a legal j...
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Victory (from Latin victoria) is a term, originally applied to warfare, given to success achieved in personal combat, after military operations in general or, by extension, in any competition. Success...
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Violent conflict
War is a state of armed conflict between societies such as states or violent non-state actors. It is generally characterized by extreme collective aggression, destruction, and usually high mortality. ...
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