THE OPPENHEIMER RIDDLE / New evidence of Communist membership debated by scholars of Berkeley scientist
Was J. Robert Oppenheimer, the brilliant Berkeley scientist known as "the father of the atomic bomb," a secret member of the Communist Party? Charges of Communist associations led to Oppenheimer's do...
German Empire
The German Empire is at a State of War with an Aggressor of a Allied State of The German Empire.
July 18, 1940 FDR Nominated For Unprecedented Third Term
On this day in 1940, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who first took office in 1933 as America’s 32nd president, is nominated for an unprecedentedthird term. Roosevelt, a Democrat, would eventually be elect...
Bombs Away— WWII Bombs Provide Living Laboratories For Cold-Water Coral Reefs
Ocean dumping of munitions from WWII was common in Norway and along the European coast. Some of these bomb dumps offer a natural living laboratory where biologists can study cold-water coral reefs…
7 Things You Don't Know About Mother's Day's Dark History
The holiday started as an antiwar statement. But battles over who owned Mother's Day kept coming.
Sept 8, 1941-The Siege Of Leningrad Begins
On September 8, 1941, German forces closed in around the Soviet city of Leningrad, initiating a siege that would last nearly 900 days and claim the lives of 800,000 civilians.
The Exotic Dancer Who Became WWI’s Most Notorious Spy
Exotic, alluring and endlessly mysterious, the dancer known as Mata Hari took Europe by storm in the early 20th century with her risqué, Asian-influenced striptease routines.
This "Red Zone" In France, Is So Dangerous, 100 Years After WWI It Is Still A No-Go Area
The Zone Rouge (Red Zone) is a region in Verdun, France spanning some 460 square miles of mostly virgin forest – at least on the…
This Nearly Forgotten Nazi Concentration Camp For Women Was Home To Unspeakable Horrors
A look at the women of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, and the horrors they endured.
Why A German Pilot Escorted An American Bomber To Safety During World War II
Once in a while, you hear an old war story that restores your faith in humanity. Usually it involves a moment of quiet in the midst of chaos; some singing or the sharing of a few condiments. But how m...
May 8,1945 V-E Day Is Celebrated In America And Britain
On this day in 1945, both Great Britain and the United States celebrate Victory in Europe Day. Cities in both nations, as well as formerly occupied cities in Western Europe, put out flags and banners,...
Italian Empire
The Italian Empire (Italian: Impero Italiano) was created after the Kingdom of Italy joined other European powers in establishing colonies overseas during the Scramble for Africa. Mo...
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Italian Fascism
Italian Fascism (Italian: Fascismo Italiano), also known simply as Fascism (Italian: Fascismo), is the original fascist ideology, as developed in Italy. The ideology is associated with the Nat...
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Archduke of Austria-Este (Italian: arciduca d'Austria-Este; German: Erzherzog von Österreich-Este), or Habsburg-Este (Italian: Asburgo-Este), is a title and surname used by several members...
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Italian Campaign
Italian Campaign can refer to:
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Italian irredentism
Italian irredentism (Italian: irredentismo italiano) was a nationalist movement during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Italy with irredentist goals which promoted the unification of geog...
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Italian resistance movement
The Italian resistance movement (Italian: Resistenza italiana or just Resistenza) is an umbrella term for a resistance groups that opposed the occupying German forces and the Italian Fascist puppe...
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Italian unification (Italian Risorgimento [risordʒiˈmento], meaning the Resurgence) was the political and social movement that consolidated different states of the Italian peninsula into the single st...
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Terrorism in Italy
The failed, foiled and successfully executed acts of terrorism in the European Union are according to the European Police Office either unspecified, or pertains to religious issues, animal rights, rig...
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