Counter-terrorism (also called anti-terrorism) incorporates the practice, military tactics, techniques, and strategy that government, military, police and business organizations use to combat or preve...
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Your Phone Is Listening and it's Not Paranoia - VICE
Here's how I got to bottom of the ads-coinciding-with-conversations mystery.
Trump Broadens CIA Power to Launch Drone Strikes
President Trump has significantly broadened the CIA's authority in carrying out deadly drone strikes, potentially touching off a turf war with The Pentagon. ...
Eric Shawn exclusive: Mob boss' blunt message for terrorists
Ralph Natale simply says: 'I will take care of business. Kill them immediately!'
Did James Comey Cover Up a Massive and Illegal FBI-CIA Spying Operation?
The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering whether to subpoena former FBI Director James Comey to appear before the committee following his testimony be
LIVE: Rosenstein, Intel Chiefs Testify At Senate Hearing On President Trump And Russia Investigation
WATCH LIVE: Rosenstein, McCabe and Coats testify at Senate Intel hearing - Rosenstein & McCabe Testify At Senate Hearing on President Trump Russia Investigat...
Declassified memos show FBI illegally shared spy data on Americans with private parties
The FBI has illegally shared raw intelligence about Americans with unauthorized third parties and violated other constitutional privacy protections, according to newly declassified government document...
Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates -
It is not clear whether the communications had anything to do with Donald J. Trump or his campaign.
Yahoo asks government to explain email scanning order
Yahoo secretly scanned its users emails at the behest of a U.S. government agency — and now it wants the government to explain why. In a letter to James..
Yahoo’s Government Email Scanner Was Actually a Secret Hacking Tool!
Contrary to recent reports, the spy tool Yahoo used to search its users emails was not just a custom version of its spam and child pornography filtering system.
In Duterte’s Philippines, here’s how one man survived when a death squad came after him
Since Duterte became president, at least 3,300 people have been killed.
N.S.A. Contractor Arrested In Possible New Theft Of Secrets
A contractor is thought to have taken the highly classified “source code” developed by the agency to break into computer systems of foreign governments.
Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for US intelligence - sources
Yahoo Inc last year secretly built a custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials, according to people famil...
Disposition Matrix: Obama's kill list 2.0 revealed
President Obama's drone program has been criticized for not only killing its targets without a trial hearing, but also for killing innocent people. But how a...
Under Intense Pressure to Silence Wikileaks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Proposed Drone Strike on Julian Assange
Julian Assange and his free-speech brainchild Wikileaks were once lauded as global heroes of public service among United States politicians and policy makers. But by 2010, four years after its ince…
Google Can Now Tell You When And Where You Were Mentioned Online
The company's new Stay In The Loop feature does just that. If you weren’t scared that Google knows too much about you, here’s yet another reason to be so. The company’s new ‘Stay In the Loop’ feature ...
Spy agencies struggle to spot threats from lone, mentally ill attackers
The attacks have a common theme of being carried out by actors with an apparent history of mental illness - but few if any direct links to extremist groups
Anti-terrorism legislation
Anti-terrorism legislation designs various types of laws passed in the aim of fighting terrorism. They usually, if not always, follow specific bombings or assassinations. Anti-terrorism legislation us...
List of special forces units
This is a list of active military special forces units. Several NATO documents use the term Special Forces.NATO Allied Joint Publication (AJP) 3.5 defines special operations as "Special operations are...
Forced disappearance
In international human rights law, a forced disappearance (or enforced disappearance) occurs when a person is secretly abducted or imprisoned by a state or political organization or by a third party w...
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Intelligence agency
An intelligence agency is a government agency responsible for the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information and intelligence in support of law enforcement, national security, defence and f...
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Operation Condor
Operation Condor (Spanish: Operación Cóndor, also known as Plan Cóndor, Portuguese: Operação Condor) was a campaign of political repression and state terror involving intelligence operations a...
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Sky marshal
A sky marshal (also known as air marshal or flight marshal) is an undercover law enforcement or counter terrorist agent on board a commercial aircraft to counter aircraft hijackings. Sky marshals may ...
Special forces
Special forces, or special operations forces are military units trained to perform unconventional missions. Special forces, as they would now be recognised, emerged in the early 20th century, with a s...
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