The NFL boycott is working!
The NFL boycott is working. This was 20 minutes before Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco Forty Niners game according to the video submitter! The NFL is in for a big wake up call. Also what's up...
Kneeling ignores real cause of surging black homicide
Commentator Heather Mac Donald shares her take on 'Fox & Friends.'
Now I Have Had Enough - Brandon Tatum Destroys the NFL
Now I Have Had Enough - Brandon Tatum Destroys the NFL
NFL receives $1 billion taxpayer money each year!
"The idea that the president should have no sort of recourse to give his opinion here is ridiculous. This idea that somehow it's a private enterprise that should be off limits when the NFL is one of t...
Congresswoman Jackson Lee Kneeling in Defense of 1st Amendment
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson LeeKneeling in Defense of 1st Amendment during 9/25/2017 CBC Special Order on Rooting Out Racism.
FBI Uses Riot Footage to Charge 209 Rioters With FELONY Rioting, 10 YEARS In Prison
The FBI has been scouring hours and hours of videos shot by security cameras, police body cameras and undercover police video as well as still photographs to identify who were rioting and destroying p...
Berkeley Pro Free Speech Protesters Chase Out AntiFA
In this video independent journalist Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange takes you inside the Berkley riot as Antifa and pro free speech activists faced off agains...