Savory Pork Delight
Watch Chef John make this classic Chinese recipe that's dated back 300 years ago
Spicy braised tofu (Dubu-jorim: 두부조림)
Today's recipe is dubu-jorim (spicy braised tofu). It's fresh tofu braised in a savory-spicy sauce and pan fried with caramelized onion, garlic, and green onions, making it juicy, a little spicy, cris...
Chef Masashi Yamada Serves Wild Game Hunted in the Mountains of Japan — Omakase Japan
Chefs at Yanagiya have followed the tradition of irori ever since the restaurant’s opening shortly after World War II. “Irori was the meal gathering place, the cooking place,” says Yamada of the tradi...
How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish
Cody Auger, chef/owner of Nimblefish in Portland, Oregon, breaks down 11 whole fish and turns them each into a single piece of nigiri. Watch as he scales, fillets and prepares Red Sea Bream (Tai), Thr...
Gordon Eats Shark Fin Soup in Taipei
Gordon tries the Taiwanese delicacy Shark Fin soup, and is determined to find out what makes people pay such a high price for it - but the restaurant owner isn't keen.
The Truth About Wasabi
Have you ever eaten wasabi? If you answered “yes” to that question, you are likely mistaken. Most sushi eaters—even in Japan—are actually being served a mixture of ground horseradish and green food c...
National Geographic Magazine - Making Soba Noodles
Soba noodles are thin, handmade, and an integral part of Japanese cuisine.
Taste Show - Authentic Chinese Braised Sliced Pork Belly
One of the Most Classic Chinese New Year Dishes 😋🥢
5 Must-Try Japanese Food Experiences in Tokyo
Japanese Food is awesome, and the overall dining experience is just as fun. If you are looking for places to eat in Tokyo, here are five great Japanese food experiences that I love while living in Tok...
10 FAKE Chinese Foods That May KILL You!
China is known for making made fake things but did you know this includes fake foods? Here are some fake and toxic foods found in china that you need to avoi...
The Story of HK Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle: the world's first Michelin starred food stall
In this Michelin Guide Singapore exclusive, we give you an inside look at what's in the mind of the world's very first Michelin-starred street food hawker, f...
How America’s First 3 Star Michelin Sushi Chef Serves His Fish
Rarely does chef Masa Takayama of Manhattan sushi shrine Masa allow cameras into his restaurant. But Eater's Kat Odell scored a seat at his bar to taste thro...
The Ten Commandments of Sushi
My first lunch at Yajima Sushi, in Tokyo, felt more like a kidnapping.
How to Make the Perfect Tempura with Tadashi Ono
Celebrated Japanese chef Tadashi Ono demonstrates how to make the perfect, light and crispy tempura. The secret is in the cake-flour batter, which should be ...
How to survive a Georgian feast
“I had only heard stories about the famous Georgian supra – the traditional feast offered spontaneously to only the luckiest of visitors.”
Portuguese cuisine - Introduction To Portuguese Cuisine
Portuguese Chef Luis Americo teaches about traditional and flavorful Portuguese cuisine, and plates a couple of dishes.
A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy. Ingredients in a stew can include any combination of vegetables (such as carrots, p...
Stew - Wikipedia
Emirati cuisine
Emirati cuisine is a blend of many Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines.The modern diet of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is cosmopolitan, featuring dishes from around the world. A lot of people confuse ...
Emirati cuisine - Wikipedia
Kenyan cuisine
The culture of Kenya consists of multiple trends. Kenya has no single prominent culture that identifies it. It instead consists of various cultures practised by the country's different communities.
Kenyan cuisine - Wikipedia
Širden is one of the rare delicacies in the contemporary macedonian cuisine.
The širden is prepared in this way: the elastic muscle organ, abomasum, of sheep or lamb is well washed and stuffed wit...
Širden - Wikipedia
Jerusalem’s Ethiopian Eats
Mulu serves up staples of flavorful Ethiopian cuisine: platters of expanding injera topped with tibs (savory small meat slices mixed with fresh kara for a kick); and vegetarian favorites like atkilt w...
Chicken feet
Chicken feet are a part of the chicken that is cooked in China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Jamaica, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Philippines and...
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Aspic is a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin made from a meat stock or consommé. Non-savory dishes, often made with commercial gelatin mixes without stock or consommé, are usually cal...
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Beef tongue
Beef tongue or neat's tongue is the tongue of a cow. Beef tongue is very high in fat, at almost 75% of its calories derived. Some countries, including Canada and specifically the province of Alberta...
Beef tongue - Wikipedia
Borscht (also borsch, bortsch, borstch, borshtch, borsh, borshch, Ukrainian борщ) is a soup of Ukrainian origin that is popular in many Eastern and Central European cuisines, including those of Poland...
Borscht - Wikipedia