Culture of Israel
The roots of Israeli culture developed long before the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948, and reflect Jewish history in the diaspora, Jewish culture, the ideology of the Zionist movement that ...
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Amelia Uzun la Prima Ora
She is Romanian and not of Hebrew origin which makes her performance that much more impressive. The father, a musician, was looking for music for his daughter and came across this song and he liked th...
Music of Israel - Wedding music & dance
Rabbi Shmuel Dovid Halberstam, Sanz-klausenberg rebbe.Mitzvah Tantz at wedding of the son of Reb Ben Tzion Hershkowitz.
Music of Israel - Nagila Hava
For booking call 201-981-2497 or email Bottle Dancers USA is a dance company from Brooklyn, New York. Show at P...
Music of Israel - Klezmer
The maestro joins four klezmer groups: Brave New World, The Klezmatics, Andy Statman and the Klezmer Conservatory Band for a joyous get-together with unforge...
Israeli literature
Israeli literature is literature written in the State of Israel by Israelis. Most works classed as Israeli literature are written in the Hebrew language, although some Israeli authors write in Yiddi...
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Visual arts in Israel
Visual arts in Israel refers to plastic art created in the Land of Israel/Palestine region, from the later part of the 19th century until today, or art created by Israeli artists. Visual art in Israel...
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Music of Israel
The music of Israel is a combination of Jewish and non-Jewish music traditions that have come together over the course of a century to create a distinctive musical culture. For more than 100 years, mu...
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Dance in Israel
Dance in Israel incorporates a wide variety of dance styles, from traditional Israeli folk dancing to ballet, modern dance, ballroom dancing and flamenco.Modern dance in Israel has won international a...
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Cinema of Israel
Cinema of Israel (Hebrew: קולנוע ישראלי‎ Kolnoa Yisraeli) refers to movie production in Israel since its founding in 1948. Most Israeli films are produced in Hebrew. Israel has been nominated fo...
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Israeli cuisine
Israeli cuisine (Hebrew: המטבח הישראלי‎ ha-mitbach ha-yisra’eli) comprises local dishes by people native to Israel and dishes brought to Israel by Jews from the Diaspora. Since before the estab...
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Sport in Israel
Sports in Israel are an important part of the national culture. Sports in Israel are pursued both competitively and for leisure. Israelis engage in a wide range of athletic activities, with associatio...
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List of museums in Israel
Below is an incomplete list of Israeli museums. Some of them are located in the Israeli-occupied territories.
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Israeli films of the 1950s
Films produced in Israel and the British Mandate for Palestine before 1960:
Film Industry in Palestine during the British Mandate of Palestine and afterwards during the first years of the state, d...
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Canaanism was a cultural and ideological movement founded in 1939 that reached its peak in the 1940s among the Jews of Palestine. It has significantly impacted the course of Israeli art, literature, a...
Kfar Silver
Kfar Silver (Hebrew: כְּפַר סִילְבֶר, lit. Silver Village) is a youth village in southern Israel. Located near Ashkelon, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. In 2006 it ha...
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Beit HaShita
Beit HaShita (Hebrew: בֵּית הַשִּׁטָּה, lit. House of the Acacia) is an Israeli kibbutz situated between Afula and Beit She'an.
Beit Hashita is located 50 meters below sea level.
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1932 Maccabiah Games
The 1st Maccabiah (aka The Maccabiada and the White Horse Olympics) (Hebrew: המכביה הראשונה‎ or Hebrew: המכביאדה‎) was the first edition of the Maccabiah, which was held in Mandato...
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Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת, translit. Tziyonut, after Zion) is a nationalist and political movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory ...
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Kazablan ("Casablan" or "Kasablan" in its first production) is an early Israeli Hebrew language play, staged first as a 1954 drama followed by a 1964 screen adaptation, later as a 1966 musical comedy,...
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Youth village
A youth village (Hebrew: כפר נוער‎, Kfar No'ar) is a boarding school model first developed in Mandate Palestine in the 1930s to care for groups of children and teenagers fleeing the Nazis. Henri...
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