Culture of Japan
The culture of Japan has evolved greatly over the millennia, from the country's prehistoric Jōmon period, to its contemporary hybrid culture, which combines influences from Asia, Europe, and North Ame...
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The Truth About Wasabi
Have you ever eaten wasabi? If you answered “yes” to that question, you are likely mistaken. Most sushi eaters—even in Japan—are actually being served a mixture of ground horseradish and green food c...
National Geographic Magazine - Making Soba Noodles
Soba noodles are thin, handmade, and an integral part of Japanese cuisine.
Japan upholds law that requires transgender people to be sterilized before gender change
Activists have denounced a controversial ruling by Japan's Supreme Court to uphold a law that they argue violates LGBT human rights.
9 Record-Breaking Japanese Whiskies
Here are some of the bottles responsible for pushing the growth and excitement surrounding the Japanese Whisky category in recent years.
Making $35,000 Bonsai Scissors
When it comes to Japanese craftsmanship, knives often get all the glory. But in the city of Sakai, where traditional metalwork goes back centuries, there is one man who has built his legacy on somethi...
Is this Japanese concept the secret to a long, happy, meaningful life?
Finding your everyday reason for living, or ikigai, could lead to a longer and better life.
Japan’s first digital art museum
Japan’s first digital art museum makes visitors a part of the installation.
5 Must-Try Japanese Food Experiences in Tokyo
Japanese Food is awesome, and the overall dining experience is just as fun. If you are looking for places to eat in Tokyo, here are five great Japanese food experiences that I love while living in Tok...
Sushi Masters Explain the Art of Omakase | Food Skills
In Japanese cuisine, the concept of omakase leaves the choices entirely up to the chef. At Shuko, one of the premiere sushi restaurants in NYC, the menu is driven by the imaginations of Nick Kim and J...
The Tuna King Reigns at Tsukiji Fish Market — Omakase Japan
Yukitaka Yamaguchi is the Tuna King. Step inside his shop at Tsukiji fish market. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Omakase Eater is the one-stop-shop for food and restau...
Sushi cubes ready in no time
Sushi cubes ready in no time
The Second Most Famous Thing to Happen to Hiroshima
Okonomi means “whatever you like,” yaki means “grill,” but smashed together they do little to paint a clear picture. Invariably, writers, cooks, and oko officials revert to analogies: some call it a c...
How chef Shiro Kashiba introduced Seattle to Edomae-style sushi
How chef Shiro Kashiba introduced Seattle to Edomae-style sushi
Fish Filleting- Bluefin Tuna
Our filleter, Reyes, breaking down local Bluefin Tuna caught approximately 50 miles out from Oceanside, CA.
Japanese mythology
Japanese mythology embraces Shinto and Buddhist traditions as well as agriculturally based folk religion. The Shinto pantheon comprises innumerable kami (Japanese for "god(s)" or "spirits"). This arti...
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Japanese martial arts
Japanese martial arts refer to the variety of martial arts native to the country of Japan. At least three Japanese terms are used interchangeably with the English phrase "Japanese martial arts". The u...
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Japanese tea ceremony
The Japanese tea ceremony, also called the Way of Tea, is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, powdered green tea. In Japanese, it is called ch...
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Japanese popular culture
Japanese popular culture not only reflects the attitudes and concerns of the present but also provides a link to the past. Japanese cinema, cuisine, television programs, anime, manga, and music all de...
Japanese folklore
Japanese folklore encompasses the folk traditions of Japan and the Japanese people.In Japanese, the term minkan denshō (民間伝承, "transmissions among the folk") is used to describe folklore; the ...
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Japanese street fashion
Japan began to emulate Western fashion during the middle of the 19th century. By the beginning of the 21st century, this emulation has formed street fashion, a fashion style in which the wearer custom...
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Sexuality in Japan
Sexuality in Japan has developed separately from mainland Asia, as Japan did not adopt the Confucian view of marriage. Monogamy in marriage was not prized in Japan, and married men often sought pleasu...
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Japanese art
Japanese art covers a wide range of art styles and media, including ancient pottery, sculpture, ink painting and calligraphy on silk and paper, ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, kiri-e, kirigami...
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Japanese architecture
Japanese architecture (日本建築, Nihon kenchiku) has traditionally been typified by wooden structures, elevated slightly off the ground, with tiled or thatched roofs. Sliding doors (fusuma) were u...
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Japanese garden
Japanese gardens (日本庭園, nihon teien) are traditional gardens that create miniature idealized landscapes, often in a highly abstract and stylized way. The gardens of the Emperors and nobles wer...
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Ikebana (生け花, "living flowers") is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, also known as kadō (華道, the "way of flowers").
"Ikebana" is from the Japanese ikeru (生ける, "keep alive, arrang...
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