Cyberwarfare is politically motivated hacking to conduct sabotage and espionage.It is a form of information warfare sometimes seen as analogous to conventional warfare.
Cyberwarfare consists of ma...
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Russia claims it can wipe out US Navy with single 'electronic bomb'
Russia has claimed it can disable the entire US Navy in one fell swoop using powerful electronic signal jamming.
State Department employee charged with misleading FBI - YouTube
The Department of Justice says 60-year-old Candace Marie Claiborne tried to cover up years of contacts she had with Chinese foreign intelligence agents
Anonymous hacker knocks 20pc of dark web offline in campaign against child pornography
A hacker associated with Anonymous knocked a fifth of the websites on the dark web offline over the weekend in an unprecedented cyber attack that reveals how anything connected to the internet is at r...
Fox News Exclusive: Hacker 'Guccifer' Casts Doubt on Obama Administration's Russia Hacking Claims
Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, weighing in from a prison 3,700 miles away on the latest diplomatic dust-up between the U.S. and Russia
Obama orders sanctions against Russia, expels operatives, in response to hacking
The Obama administration announced sanctions Thursday against Russia’s two leading intelligence services, while ejecting dozens of intelligence operatives from the U.S., as part of a response to what ...
US expels Russian diplomats over cyber attack allegations - BBC News
The US expels 35 Russian diplomats in the wake of cyber attacks related to the US election.
Barack Obama poised to punish Vladimir Putin for US election meddling
The White House plans to revise an executive order designed to punish cyber attacks. The current order doesn't cover interference with U.S. elections.
Cyber sabotage? US govt hackers reportedly penetrate Russian infrastructure
Russia expects Washington to provide an explanation after a report claimed that Pentagon cyber-offensive specialists have hacked into Russia’s power grids, t...
Why Today’s Attacks on the Internet Are Just the Start
Thanks to powerful new botnets, hackers now have the ability to knock major companies—even whole countries—offline.
Anonymous To Release Video Showing Bill Clinton Rape Of 13 Year Old Girl
Mirrored with Permission from YouTube Channel Anonymous Video To Be Released Showing Bill Clinton Rape Of 13-Year-Old Girl Will Plunge Presidential Race Into...
‘No wonder US blaming Russians for cyber attacks’ – security expert
Hackers have been a major theme in the U.S. presidential election - and mainstream media have turned Russia into a key cyber war adversary. However just a co...
U.S. Blames Russia for Recent Hacks
The U.S. intelligence community took the extraordinary step Friday of directly accusing the Russian government of attempting to interfere in the coming U.S. elections by purposefully leaking emails ha...
America Uses Stealthy Submarines To Hack Other Countries’ Systems
When Donald Trump effectively called for Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton's emails Wednesday, the GOP nominee's remarks touched off a (predictable) media firestorm. Here was a presidential candidat...
Why You Should Stop Using SMS for Two-Factor Authentication
A string of recent SMS hacks means security-conscious users should switch to a more secure login system.
Anonymous Hacks ISIS Twitter Accounts, Makes Them ‘Fabulously Gay’
Notorious hacktivist group Anonymous has hacked a number of ISIS Twitter accounts and altered the content, making the accounts “fabulously gay,” reports The
How To Not Get Hacked, According To Expert Hackers
Recently, Kevin Roose got hacked. The hack was so bad that several security experts have told him it’s the worst one they’ve ever seen. This is what he learned.
Cyber electronic warfare
Cyber electronic warfare (cyber EW) is form of electronic warfare. Cyber EW is any military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to control the domain characterized by the use of electro...
Cyber spying
Cyber spying, or cyber espionage, is the act or practice of obtaining secrets without the permission of the holder of the information (personal, sensitive, proprietary or of classified nature), from i...
Cyber-attack is any type of offensive maneuver employed by individuals or whole organizations that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, and/or personal computer de...
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Cyberterrorism is the use of Internet attacks in terrorist activities, including acts of deliberate, large-scale disruption of computer networks, especially of personal computers attached to the Inte...
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Denial-of-service attack
In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.A DoS attack generally cons...
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Electronic warfare
Electronic warfare (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum. The purp...
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Information warfare
The term Information Warfare (IW) is primarily a United States Military concept involving the use and management of information and communication technology in pursuit of a competitive advantage over ...
iWar is the term used by NATO to describe a form of Internet-based warfare.
iWar is distinct from cyber-warfare, cyber-terrorism and information warfare. These refer to sensitive military and crit...
Signals intelligence
Signals intelligence (often abbreviated as SIGINT) is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence— abbreviated to COMINT) or f...
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Computer security
Computer security is security applied to computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, including the whole Internet. The field ...
Network security policy
A network security policy, or NSP, is a generic document that outlines rules for computer network access, determines how policies are enforced and lays out some of the basic architecture of the compan...
Cryptography (or cryptology; from Greek κρυπτός kryptós, "hidden, secret"; and γράφειν graphein, "writing", or -λογία -logia, "study", respectively) is the practice and study of techniques for secure ...
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