DIY ethic
DIY ethic refers to the ethic of self-sufficiency through completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert. Literally meaning "do it yourself," the DIY ethic promotes the idea that anyone is capable ...
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Cement your place in history with these 5 solid...
Cement your place in history with these 5 solid ideas!
6 DIY Candy Bars, Almond Joy, Twix & More
I cannot believe how easy it is to make your own candy bars! Huge thank you to Elise from My Cupcake Addiction.
☆HAMSTER DIY☆ Popsicle Stick House
☆★☆★☆★☆★FAQ★☆★☆★☆★☆ How big is it? Will it fit in my cage? It's 36cm wide, 29cm deep and 37cm high. You'll have to measure 😉 If you have a shorter cage.
16 Cheap & Easy DIY Compost Bins
A collection of 16 DIY Compost bins, to suit anyone's gardening needs!
17 Clever Ways To Turn Junk Into Gorgeous Furniture
Here you will find amazing ideas how to repurpose your old items to make new and interesting furniture that will fit in every home decor.
Ken WIngard's DIY Nutcracker Soldiers
Lifestyle expert Ken Wingard shows you how to get into the holiday season with his DIY Nutcracker Soldiers! These charming replicas from The Nutcracker balle...
Dollar store Christmas Ornament Wreath
No one will be able to tell that this wreath only cost you a few dollars to make.
21 DIY Thanksgiving decorations and centerpieces savoring the fall
You can start making DIY Thanksgiving decorations for every nook in the house - from your front door up to the dining table. Celebrate this beautiful season
How to Fix a Sticking Door
To fix a door that's stuck above the knob, Don Spencer shows an easy way to adjust or tweak the top hinge. It takes only a moment for the door to work perfectly.
In 'Just Eat It,' Filmmakers Feast For 6 Months On Discarded Food
Roughly 133 billion pounds of food go uneaten each year — much of it still edible. So for a half-year, the two filmmakers behind Just Eat It vowed to eat nothing but food entering the waste stream.
26 Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas
Here's amazing collection of inspiration to help you create pretty Christmas decor from a few simple dollar store items.
Leaf Bowl {DIY}
What says FALL decoration more than a bowl made out of leaves? We've got your DIY Leaf Bowl here.
TOP 10 Awesome Ideas To Recycle Your Old Sewing Machines
You will find here 10 ideas for recycling your old sewing machine.
15 Amazing Trash-to-Treasure Crafts
Here are 15 trash to treasure crafts from creative bloggers that you must see!
20 Simple and Affordable DIY Christmas Decorations
Update your home for the holidays with these 20 simple and affordable DIY Christmas decorations.
DIY Bike Rim Trellis
There are so many ways you could help the environment and also help yourself in the process. Today, we suggest you try and make a rim trellis for your garden with a couple of bike rims which you grab ...
Anarcho-punk is punk rock that promotes anarchism. The term anarcho-punk is sometimes applied exclusively to bands that were part of the original anarcho-punk movement in the United Kingdom in the la...
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Cult of the Dead Cow
Cult of the Dead Cow, also known as cDc or cDc Communications, is a computer hacker and DIY media organization founded in 1984 in Lubbock, Texas. The group maintains a weblog on its site, also titled ...
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The demoscene is an international computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos: small, self-contained computer programs that produce audio-visual presentations. The main goal of a demo ...
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Fan translation
Fan translation refers to the unofficial translation of various forms of media made by fans (Fan labor), usually into a language in which an official translated version is not available.
Notable a...
A fanzine (portmanteau of fan and magazine or -zine) is a nonprofessional and nonofficial publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre) for the...
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Guerrilla gardening
Guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to utilize, such as an abandoned site, an area that is not being cared for, or private property. It ...
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Kustom Kulture
Kustom Kulture is an American neologism used to describe the artworks, vehicles, hairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the United States of America from ...
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Queercore (or Homocore) is a cultural and social movement that began in the mid-1980s as an offshoot of punk. It is distinguished by its discontent with society in general, and specifically society's ...
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Social center
Social centers (or social centres) are community spaces. They are buildings which are used for a range of disparate activities, which can be linked only by being not-for-profit. They might be organizi...
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The word squat, squatter or squatting can refer to: