Joseph Sweens
Joseph Francis Marie Sweens (22 March 1858 – 12 April 1950), was a Dutch Roman Catholic missionary bishop who served as the Vicar Apostolic of South Nyanza in German East Africa, later in the British-...
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Jan Cornelius van Sambeek
Jan Cornelius van Sambeek, M.Afr. (or John van Sambeek) was a Dutch White Fathers missionary who was the Vicar Apostolic of Tanganyika (1936–1946), and then Bishop of Kigoma (1946–1957), in the former...
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Burkard Huwiler
Burkhard Huwiler, M.Afr. (7 April 1868-1 October 1954), was a Swiss Roman Catholic bishop who served as a missionary in Africa from 1929 to 1946.Huwiler was born in Buttwil, in the Canton of Argau, th...
Mazimbu Graves
Mazimbu Graves in Morogoro Region, Tanzania is home to deceased South Africans who fought for their country's liberation struggle.