1981 News Footage: Reagan Fires Air Traffic Controllers
Reagan did not go by the polls as Sam Donaldson put it the President seems convinced being tough is what the public wants
President Reagan was a pro at roasting Democrats
President Reagan was a pro at roasting Democrats.
Reagan tells Soviet jokes
Reagan tells Soviet jokes
Louis Prima--Sam Buttera Night Train
Sam Buttera, born New Orleans, Aug. 17, 1927 died June 3, 2009
Reagan on fascism
Ronald Reagan responds to Lindsey Graham's claim that Reagan wasn't a libertarian. Reagan made the point that conservatism is essentially the same as libertarianism while liberalism is essentially fa...
Ronald Reagan nearly died before he became president. The Heimlich maneuver saved him
Reagan was one of the estimated 10,000 people saved by the Heimlich maneuver, whose creator, Dr. Henry Heimlich, died last week.
Parallels between Trump and Reagan
Presidential Historian Douglas Wead compares Donald Trump to President Ronald Reagan.
Proof Ronald Reagan Didn't Pander To Protesters
Remember when we had a president that respected the rule of law?
25 Years Ago, Ronald Reagan Wanted Trump To Run For President!
In an interview with the New York Post, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana revealed that iconic president Ronald Reagan once encouraged Mr. Trump to run for the highest office in the land. […]
British Officials Portrayed Reagan as a “Bozo”
Newly declassified documents show the British foreign office eyed the American president with disdain.
Ronald Reagan was Donald Trump, until he was president
Though there are important differences, the parallels between Reagan’s political life and Trump’s are downright chilling, from their media careers to the way that the press and their ow…
47 Photos That Capture How Much Nancy Reagan Loved Ron
"I could not possibly imagine life without her."
Sandra Day O'Connor Says Obama Should Get To Replace Justice Scalia
Sandra Day O'Connor, the retired Supreme Court justice appointed by President Ronald Reagan, said on Wednesday that President Barack Obama should get to name the replacement for the late Justice Anton...
List of books by Enid Blyton
This is a list of 762 books by Enid Blyton (1897–1968), an English children's writer who also wrote under the pseudonym of Mary Pollock. She was one of the most successful children's storytellers of t...
Vilma G. Holland
Vilma Isabel Gonzalez Cordova Holland (November 5, 1928 - January 26, 2005) was a Puerto Rican visual artist.
Holland (birth name: Vilma Isabel Gonzalez Cordova) was born in Caguas Puerto Rico. S...
Vilma G. Holland - Wikipedia
Richard McGee Morse
Richard "Dick" McGee Morse, Ph.D. (June 26, 1922 – April 17, 2001) was a Latin Americanist scholar and professor at Columbia University, University of Puerto Rico, Yale University and Stanford U...
Reginald Coates
Professor Reginald “Rex” Charles Coates (28 June 1920 – 22 November 2004) was a British civil engineer, academic and the 114th president of the Institution of Civil Engineers.
Coates was bor...
Sidney Colônia Cunha (28 June 1935 – 16 April 2011), commonly known as Chinesinho, was a Brazilian footballer who played at both professional and international levels, as a midfielder.
Born in Rio...
Michael Davis Ford's Theater part 2 (Ronald Reagan & Tip O'Neil laughing together hysterically)
Michael Davis performs at the historic Ford's Theater for the former President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
Paul T. Adwell
Paul T. Adwell (June 5, 1915 - October 22, 2001) was an American Thoroughbred horse racing trainer best known for winning the second leg of the U.S. Triple Crown series in 1976.Between 1964 and 1991, ...
Footballs Greatest - Ferenc Puskas - YouTube
Nov 17, 2011 ... This film is about a hungarian legend, the most famous and most well-known hungarian. Is there any football fan who never heard the name ...
Them and us – Tommy Cavanagh (Manchester United and Wigan Athletic)
The short trip to Salford on Boxing Day is perhaps time for this particular column to be slightly different, in that the person involved did not actually play for either Latics or Manchester United! ...
Jack Metcalf
Jack Metcalf (November 30, 1927 – March 15, 2007) was an American politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1995 to 2001. He represented the 2nd Congre...
Jack Metcalf - Wikipedia
Hardy Williams
Hardy Williams (April 14, 1931 – January 7, 2010) was an American politician who served as a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania State Senate.
He faced criticism in the 1980s for questions over ...
Hardy Williams - Wikipedia
J. D. DeBlieux
Joseph Davis DeBlieux, known as J.D. DeBlieux (September 12, 1912 – March 13, 2005),was a Democratic member of the Louisiana State Senate who represented East Baton Rouge Parish from 1956 to 1960 and ...
J. D. DeBlieux - Wikipedia
Florence Kirk
Florence Kirk (1909 - 6 June 1999) was an American soprano. Raised in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kirk graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1931 with degrees in music and educa...
Bill Mauldin
William Henry "Bill" Mauldin (/ˈmɔːldən/; October 29, 1921 – January 22, 2003) was an American editorial cartoonist who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his work. He was most famous for his World War II c...
Bill Mauldin - Wikipedia