The Decapolis ("Ten Cities"; Greek: deka, ten; polis, city) was a group of ten cities on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in Jordan, Palestine and Syria. The ten cities were not an official...
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Syria conflict: Homs and Damascus blasts kill more than 100
Bomb blasts in the Syrian cities of Homs and Damascus have killed more than 100 people, monitors and state media say.
Syria's lost treasure: How the civil war is ruining the country's ancient architecture
The site where Cain is held to have murdered Abel is in a cave below a white dome on the slopes of Mount Qassioun, overlooking Damascus. It seems strikingly appropriate that the most notorious Biblica...
Jordan's Queen Rania and Princess Iman visit cultural tourism group in Amman
The mother-daughter duo visited Amman's famous Rainbow Street with the Out and About group.
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Amman - Historical sites
Amman has great energy! See its most happening places: the history of Petra, the citadel hill, old Philadelphia, and the Jordan river. The Concierge at the ...
Amman (/ɑːˈmɑːn/; Arabic: عمّان‎ ʿAmmān), is the capital and most populous city of Jordan. It is the country's political, cultural and commercial centre and one of the oldest continuously in...
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Damascus (Arabic: دمشق‎ Dimashq,  [dɪˈmɪʃeʔ]) is the capital and the second largest city of Syria after Aleppo. It is commonly known in Syria as ash-Sham (Arabic: الشام‎ ash-S...
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World Islamic Sciences and Education University
The World Islamic Science & Education University (The WISE University or W.I.S.E) (Arabic جامعة العلوم الإسلامية العالمية) is an Islamic university in Amman, Jordan that was established in 2008. ...
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Damascene (pigeon)
The Damascene is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding. Damascenes, along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, are all descendants from the rock pigeon (Colu...
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