Demographics of Senegal
This article is about the demographic features of the population of Senegal, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace, economic status, religious affiliations a...
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Ethnic groups in Senegal
Ethnic groups in Senegal are numerous for such a small area, and subgroups can be distinguished within several of them. According to one 2005 estimate, there are twenty groups of varying size.The orig...
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Languages of Senegal
Senegal is a multilingual country – Ethnologue lists 36 languagesFrench, which was inherited from the colonial era, is the official language of Senegal. It is used by the administration and understood...
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Islam in Senegal
Islam is the predominant religion in Senegal. 92 percent of the country's population is estimated to be Muslim, mainly Sunni of Maliki school of thought with Sufi influences. Islam has had a presence ...
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Serer religion
The Serer religion, or a ƭat Roog ("the way of the Divine") is the original religious beliefs, practices and teachings of the Serer people of Senegal in western Africa. The Serer people believe in a u...
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Senegalese women
Women in Senegal have a traditional social status as shaped by local custom and religion.
The traditional division of labour in Senegal saw women responsible for household tasks such as cooking, c...
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Les larmes de l'émigration
Les larmes de l’émigration (French for "the tears of emigration") is a 2010 documentary film directed by Alassane Diago.
The film is the story of Alassane’s mother, who has been waiting for her h...
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Aline Sitoe Diatta
Aline Sitoe Diatta (also Aline Sitow Diatta and Alyn Sytoe Jata; 1920 – 1944) was a Senegalese heroine of the opposition to French colonialism, often called the Joan of Arc or the Marianne of Senegal....
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Ibrahima Fall
Sheikh Ibrahima Fall (1855–1930) was a disciple of Sheikh Aamadu Bàmba Mbàkke, founder of the Mouride Brotherhood movement in West Africa. Well known in the Mouride Brotherhood, Ibrahima Fall establis...
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List of Senegalese
This is a list of Senegalese people, organized by the field within which they are primarily notable. this list includes both native and expatriate Senegalese.
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Mickaël Tavares
Mickaël Zidro Tavares (born 25 October 1982) is a French-born Senegalese footballer, who is currently playing for Australian club Sydney FC in the A-League. He also has twenty-five caps for the Senega...
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Eloïne Barry
Eloïne Barry is the former Executive Director of the African Press Organization (APO). Eloïne Barry came to the African Press Organization after serving five years as Media Relations Team Leader at PR...
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