Hanggu-guyŏk is a guyŏk that constitute Nampo, North Korea.Choe Thae-bok, the chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly, was born in Hanggu-guyok.
Hanggu-guyok is divided into 18 neighbourhoods (t...
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Waudo-guyŏk is a guyŏk that constitute Nampo, North Korea.Jindo export processing zone will appear in some areas of Chindo-dong and Hwado-ri, Waudo-guyok.
Waudo-guyok is divided into 18 neighbourh...
Onchon County
Onchon (Onch'ŏn kun) is a county in Nampo, the province of South Pyongan in North Korea.
The district is split into one ŭp (village), five rodongjagu (worker districts) and 14 ri (towns).
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Chollima is a guyŏk in Nampo, North Korea. Prior to 2004, it was Chonrima kuyok, a district of northeastern Nampho directly governed city. Following the demotion of Nampho in 2004, Chonrima became a...
Ryonggang County
Ryonggang County is a county in South Pyongan Province, North Korea. It is administered as a part of Namp'o. It is famous for its local apples.
Ryonggang-kun is divided into one town (ŭp) and sev...
Taean is a district in Nampo, North Korea.
Kangsŏ is a district in Nampo, North Korea. The population is 100,000.
Kangsŏ-guyŏk is divided into several dong and several villages (ri).
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