Herman Wijffels
H.H.F. "Herman" Wijffels (IJzendijke, 13 March 1942) is a Dutch economist and politician for the CDA. From 1981 to 1999 he worked for the Rabobank ultimately as chairman of the board of directors and ...
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Harry Borghouts
Henricus Cornelius Johannes Lodewijk (Harry) Borghouts (born 7 February 1943) was the Queen's Commissioner in the province North Holland from 2002 till 2009. He is a member of the political party Gree...
Bert de Vries
Berend "Bert" de Vries (born March 29, 1938) is a retired Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). He served as a Member of the House of Representatives from November 21, 1978 until...
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Hans Hoogervorst
Hans Hoogervorst (born 19 April 1956 in Haarlem) is a Dutch political and business figure. He is chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board.
Hoogervorst was the Minister of Health, W...
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Piet de Jong
Petrus Jozef Sietse "Piet" de Jong ([ˈpid də ˈjɔŋ]; born April 3, 1915) is a retired Dutch politician of the defunct Catholic People's Party (KVP) now merged into the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA)...
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Cor Boonstra
Cor Boonstra (Leeuwarden, 7 January 1938) is mainly known as president of the Board of Directors of Philips (1996–2001).
At the age of 16, he quit his study at the Hogere burgerschool and started ...
Bas de Gaay Fortman
Bastiaan "Bas" de Gaay Fortman (born 6 November 1937) is a Dutch politician and scholar. He has been a member of both the Dutch House of Representatives and the Senate for the PPR and GroenLinks parti...
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Ella Vogelaar
Drs. Catharina Pieternella (Ella) Vogelaar (born 23 December 1949 in Steenbergen) was minister of Integration and Housing in the Fourth cabinet Balkenende for the PvdA from 22 February 2007 to 13 Nove...
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Sybilla Dekker
Sybilla Dekker (born 23 March 1942, in Alkmaar) is a Dutch politician.
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Elco Brinkman
Leendert Cornelis "Elco" Brinkman (born 5 February 1948) is a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA).
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Melanie Schultz van Haegen
Melanie Henriëtte Schultz van Haegen-Maas Geesteranus (born 28 June 1970) is a Dutch politician of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). She has been the Minister of Infrastructure and t...
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Joris in 't Veld
Joris in 't Veld (5 July 1885, Dubbeldam – 15 February 1981, The Hague) was a Dutch Social Democratic politician, Minister, Professor at the Leiden University, Rector of the Vrije Universite...
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Herman Heinsbroek
Hermanus Philippus Johannes Bernardus Heinsbroek (born January 12, 1951) is a Dutch entrepreneur and was Minister of Economic Affairs in the First Balkenende cabinet.
Heinsbroek was born in Schied...
Alexander Rinnooy Kan
Alexander Hendrik George Rinnooy Kan (born 5 October 1949) is a Dutch mathematician and business leader. As of September 2012 he is University Professor of Economics and Business Studies at the Univer...
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Bert Groen
Lubertus Cornelis (Bert) Groen (born March 28, 1945 in Haarlem) is a Dutch corporate director and former civil servant and politician of the Reformed Political League (GPV) and his successor the Chr...
Farah Karimi
Farahnaz (Farah) Karimi (Persian: فرح کريمی‎, (Iran), 15 November 1960 in Hasanabad-E Yasukand Garros) is an Iranian-Dutch politician. She was member of the House of Representatives between 1998...
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Ad Kaland
Adriaan Jakobus "Ad" Kaland (March 13, 1922 – January 11, 1995) was a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). He served as a Member of the Senate from September 20, 1977 until ...
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Jan Beijert
Jan Beijert (1928, Smilde - 23 November 2007, Delfzijl) was a Dutch politician, director and columnist.
Winnie Sorgdrager
Winnifred (Winnie) Sorgdrager (born 6 April 1948, The Hague) is a Dutch jurist and former politician. She is a member of the social-liberal party D66. Since 1 January 2006 she is a member of the Counc...
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Onno van de Stolpe
Onno van de Stolpe (born 25 October 1959, Geldrop[1]) is a Dutch businessman and is currently the CEO of Galápagos NV, a drug discovery and development company.
He obtained an MSc degree from the ...
Assassination of Pim Fortuyn
Pim Fortuyn, a Dutch politician, was assassinated by Volkert van der Graaf in Hilversum, North Holland on 6 May 2002, nine days before the Dutch general election of 2002.On a few occasions, Fortuyn ex...
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Sidney J. van den Bergh
Sidney James van den Bergh (25 October 1898, Rotterdam – 25 September 1977, Wassenaar) was a Dutch businessman, World War II military officer and politician, who was a senior manager of Unilever and M...
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Maria van der Hoeven
Maria Josephina Arnoldina van der Hoeven (born 13 September 1949) is a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party. She has been Executive Director of the International Energy Agen...
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