Prince Alexander of the Netherlands
Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau (William Alexander Frederick Constantine Nicholas Michael, Dutch: Willem Alexander Frederik Constantijn Nicolaas Michiel, Prins der Ned...
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Gijsbert van Tienhoven
Gijsbert van Tienhoven (12 February 1841 – 10 October 1914) was prime minister of the Netherlands from 21 August 1891 until 8 May 1894. He was also mayor of Amsterdam from 1880 to 1891.
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Kees Staf
Cornelis (Kees) Staf (1905, Ede – 1973, Arnhem) was a Dutch politician and civil servant.
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Syb Talma
Aritius Sybrandus (Syb) Talma (17 February 1864 in Angeren – 12 July 1916 in Bennebroek) was a Dutch politician.
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Pieter Philip van Bosse
Mr. Pieter Philip van Bosse (16 December 1809, in Amsterdam – 21 February 1879, in The Hague) was a Dutch politician. He was Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 4 June 1868 to 4 January 1871...
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Ad Kaland
Adriaan Jakobus "Ad" Kaland (March 13, 1922 – January 11, 1995) was a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). He served as a Member of the Senate from September 20, 1977 until ...
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Hendrik van Boeijen
Hendrik van Boeijen (1889, Putten, Gelderland – 1947, Soesterberg) was a Dutch politician.
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Jan de Groote
Jan de Groote (born July 10, 1911 in Beilen - died March 14, 1989 in Hoogeveen) was a Dutch farmer and politician of the Farmers' Party (Boerenpartij - BP). He was a councillor of Beilen from 1966 t...
Hendrik Koekoek
Hendrik Koekoek (22 May 1912 – 8 February 1987) was a Dutch farmer and politician of the defunct Farmers' Party (Boerenpartij - BP). The founder and its Party leader and Party Chair from 1958 until 19...
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Schelto van Heemstra
Schelto Baron van Heemstra (14 November 1807 – 20 December 1864) was a Dutch politician. He was Prime Minister from 1861 to 1862.
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William III of the Netherlands
William III (Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk, anglicised: William Alexander Paul Frederick Louis; 19 February 1817 – 23 November 1890) was King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg ...
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Henk Beernink
Hendrik Karel Jan (Henk) Beernink (born 2 February 1910 in Maarssen – died 22 August 1979 in Rijswijk) was a Dutch politician of the Christian Historical Union (CHU).Beernink was an MP from 1946...
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William I of the Netherlands
William I (Willem Frederik, Prince of Orange-Nassau; 24 August 1772 – 12 December 1843) was a Prince of Orange and the first King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg.In Germany, he was rul...
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Jacob de Kempenaer
Jacobus Mattheüs de Kempenaer (6 July 1793, in Amsterdam – 12 February 1870, in Arnhem) was a lawyer and politician in Arnhem, where he served as Chairman of the Board of Commerce, a Member of the Bo...
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Dora van der Meiden-Coolsma
Theodora Hermina "Dora" van der Meiden-Coolsma (1918–2001) was a Dutch columnist and the writer of 23 children's books, also under the pen name Constanze Hazelager. Seven of these books were written t...
Johannes Polyander
Johannes Polyander van den Kerckhoven (28 March 1568 in Metz – 4 February 1646 in Leiden) was a Dutch Calvinist theologian, a Contra-Remonstrant but considered of moderate views.
He was bor...
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Piet Lieftinck
Pieter (Piet) Lieftinck (Muiden, September 30, 1902 – The Hague, July 9, 1989) was a Dutch civil servant, chief executive, professor and politician. He became minister of Finance in the following admi...
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Casper ten Boom
Casper ten Boom (18 May 1859 – 10 March 1944) was a Dutch Christian who helped many Jews and resisters escape the Nazis during the Holocaust of World War II. He is the father of Betsie and Corrie ten...
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Willem de Clercq
Willem de Clercq (15 January 1795 – 4 February 1844) was a poet and leader of the Réveil, the Protestant Church Revival in the Netherlands. He is known for his diary entries, which contain extensive r...
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Cees van Bruchem
Cornelis (Cees) van Bruchem (born 25 February 1950 in Bruchem) is a former Dutch politician. Till 2008, he was a member of the ChristianUnion (ChristenUnie). Before that he was a member of its prede...
Prince Frederick of the Netherlands
Prince Frederick of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau (full names: Willem Frederik Karel; Berlin, 28 February 1797 – Wassenaar, 8 September 1881), was the second son of king William I of the Ne...
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Theo van Lynden van Sandenburg
Constantijn Theodoor Tellen van Lynden van Sandenburg, (24 February 1826 – 18 November 1885) was a Dutch politician. Lynden van Sandenburg served as Prime Minister (leading minister) of the Neth...
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Johan van Oldenbarnevelt
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt ([ˈjoːɦɑn vɑn ɔldə(n)bɑrnəvɛlt]), Lord of Berkel en Rodenrijs (1600), Gunterstein (1611) and Bakkum (1613) (14 September 1547 – 13 May 1619) was a Dutch statesman who played a...
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William, Prince of Orange
William, Prince of Orange (Willem Nicolaas Alexander Frederik Karel Hendrik; 4 September 1840 – 11 June 1879), was heir apparent to his father King William III of the Netherlands from 17 March 1849 un...
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Jacobus Trigland
Jacobus Trigland (Triglandius) (22 July 1583 – 5 April 1654) was a Dutch Reformed theologian. After the Synod of Dort of 1618-19, he worked and wrote against the Remonstrants.
He was born at Viane...
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Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria; 31 August 1880 – 28 November 1962) was Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 1890 to 1948. She reigned for nearly 58 years, longer than any other Du...
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Willem Baudartius
Willem Baudaert or Baudartius (Deinze, Flanders, 13 February 1565 - Zutphen, 15 December 1640), born Willem Baudart, was a Dutch theologian. Baudartius College, a Christian secondary school in Zutphe...
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Jan Arnoldus Schouten
Jan Arnoldus Schouten (28 August 1883 – 20 January 1971) was a Dutch mathematician and Professor at the Delft University of Technology. He was an important contributor to the development of tens...
Julius van Zuylen van Nijevelt
Julius Philip Jacob Adriaan, count van Zuylen van Nijevelt (19 August 1819, in Dommeldange – 1 July 1894, in The Hague) was a Dutch politician.Van Zuylen van Nijevelt served as Prime Minister of...
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Abraham de Haen
Abraham de Haen (Amsterdam, 6 April 1707 – Amsterdam, 8 August 1748), also known as Abraham de Haan, was a Dutch draughtsman and engraver known particularly for his drawings of castles and manors. He ...
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