Gijs van Hall
Gijsbert van Hall (21 April 1904, Amsterdam – 22 May 1977, Amsterdam) was a Dutch politician and Mayor of Amsterdam between 1957 and 1967. His brother, Walraven van Hall, was a banker and resistance l...
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Harald Bergmann
Harald M. Bergmann (born 23 September 1965, Rotterdam) is a Dutch politician of the VVD. Since August 27, 2012 he has been mayor of Middelburg, capital of the province of Zeeland. Before that, he was ...
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Leopold Karel, Count of Limburg Stirum
Leopold Count van Limburg Stirum (born Hoogeveen March 12, 1758, died 's-Gravenhage June 25, 1840) was a politician who was part of the Dutch triumvirate that took power in 1813 in order to re-establi...
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Jos van Kemenade
Josephus Antonius (Jos) van Kemenade (born 6 March 1937, Amsterdam) is a Dutch sociologist and politician.
Dr. J.A. (Jos) van Kemenade at Media related to Jos van Kemenade at Wi...
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Jan Bernd Bicker
Jan Bernd Bicker (27 August 1746, Amsterdam – 16 December 1812, Wassenaar) was a Dutch merchant, politician and a very powerful member of the Bicker family. He was a member of the Batavian Repu...
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Eduard Fimmen
Eduard Carl Fimmen (18 June 1881 - 14 December 1942), also known as Edo Fimmen, was a Dutch trade unionist.
Fimmen was born in Nieuwer Amstel on 18 June 1881. His father was a merchant, Eduard Her...
Marietje Schaake
Marietje Schaake ([mɑˈritʃə ˈsxɑkə]; born 28 October 1978) is a Dutch politician. She is a member of Democrats 66 and has been a Member of the European Parliament with the Alliance of Liberals and Dem...
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Clémence Ross-van Dorp
Clemencia Ignatia Johanna Maria (Clémence) Ross-van Dorp (born 27 August 1957, Delft) is a Dutch politician.
Johannes Servaas Lotsy
Johannes Servaas Lotsy (31 May 1808, Dordrecht – 4 April 1863, The Hague) was a Dutch politician.
Folkert Posthuma
Folkert Evert Posthuma (20 May 1874, Leeuwarden – 3 June 1943, Vorden) was a Dutch politician.
Rinus Peijnenburg
Marinus Wilhelmus Johanna Maria (Rinus) Peijnenburg (29 January 1928, Geldrop – 1 April 1979, Rotterdam) was a Dutch politician.
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List of Queen's Commissioners of Limburg
The King's Commissioner of Limburg is the chairman of both the States of Limburg as well as the provincial executive.In the Dutch province of Limburg, the King's Commissioner is usually called Gouvern...
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Dick Dolman
Dirk (Dick) Dolman (born 2 July 1935 in Empe) is a Dutch politician. In 1970, he became a member of the Dutch parliament as a member of the Dutch Labor Party (Dutch:Partij van de Arbeid) (PvdA). From ...
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Joop van der Reijden
Johannes Piet (Joop) van der Reijden (7 January 1927, Leiden - 3 February 2006, Nieuwegein) was a Dutch politician.
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Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer
Jonkheer Alidius Warmoldus Lambertus Tjarda van Starkenborgh Stachouwer (7 March 1888 – 16 August 1978) was a Dutch nobleman and statesman, primarily noted for being the last colonial Governor-General...
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