Economy of Bulgaria
The economy of Bulgaria functions on the principles of the free market, having a large private sector and a smaller public one. Bulgaria is an industrialised upper-middle-income country according to t...
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Bulgaria: A Travel Bargain for Luxury Lovers
For good wines, intoxicating scenery and spoil-yourself spa hotels at unbeatable values, this Eastern European country is a no-brainer
Industry of Bulgaria
Bulgaria is an industrialised nation with a developed heavy and light manufacturing industry. In 2007 industry accounted for 31.7% of GDP. This makes industry the second largest sector of the economy ...
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Energy in Bulgaria
Energy in Bulgaria describes energy and electricity production, consumption and trade in Bulgaria.Although Bulgaria is not very rich in natural fuels such as coal, oil and gas, it has very well develo...
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List of power stations in Bulgaria
This is a list of power stations located in Bulgaria. The list may be incomplete.
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Agriculture in Bulgaria
Prior to World War II, agriculture in Bulgaria was the leading sector in the Bulgarian economy. In 1939, agriculture contributed 65 percent of Net material product (NMP), and four out of every five Bu...
Transport in Bulgaria
Transport in Bulgaria is facilitated with road, air, rail, and water networks.
After the second terminal of International Airport Sofia was built the total number of passengers rose and reached 3 ...
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Science and technology in Bulgaria
Since the beginning of the 20th century, Bulgaria has started to actively develop its own scientific and technological basis. The Liberation of the country in 1878 ended a nearly 500-year period of Ot...
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Bulgaria and the euro
Bulgaria committed to switching its currency, the lev, to the euro upon its joining the European Union in 2007, as stated in its EU accession treaty. The transition will occur once the country m...
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Bulgaria: A Travel Bargain for Luxury Lovers
For good wines, intoxicating scenery and spoil-yourself spa hotels at unbeatable values, this Eastern European country is a no-brainer
Bulgarian Posts
The Bulgarian Posts (Български пощи, Balgarski poshti) are the national postal service of Bulgaria. The company was founded after the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule, as the Russians handed a...
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Xenium is a Bulgarian internet company, founded in 2007 by Stanislav Bozhkov, Yavor Ivanov and NetInfo.Xenium became famous with its social media network which was the first large social boo...
Iskar-Panega Geopark
Geological Park Iskar-Panega is an UNESCO-run Geopark in Northern Bulgaria, located 3 km south of the municipal centre Lukovit. It consists of two sections: the Karlukovo Karst Complex (43°11′14″...
Nuclear power in Bulgaria
Nuclear power plants in Bulgaria (view) Active plants Unfinished/future plantsBulgaria's first commercial nuclear reactor began operation in 1974. The Kozloduy NPP operates two pressurized ...
MaxEurope is a Bulgarian holding company which owns several bicycle and childcare brands.
The following brands are part of the MaxEurope Group:
M3 Communications Group, Inc
M3 Communications Group, Inc. is a public relations and public affairs company in Bulgaria, founded in 1994. M3 Communications Group, Inc. specializes in PR consultancy, public communications, media r...
TIM (firm)
TIM is a holding company in Varna, Bulgaria, which according to a U.S. State Department cable leaked to the media by WikiLeaks, was engaged in organized criminal activities. Jan Puhl describes in an a...
Eurofootball (Bulgarian: Еврофутбол, Evrofutbol) is the first private Bulgarian bookmaker, as well as the country's largest. It began operating on 6 October 1990 and was officially registered in 1...
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Lalov Egrek
Lalov Egrek (Лалов Егрек) is a Bulgarian land development company formed in 2003 and based in Bourgas, Bulgaria. Its name stems from the name of the area in which the company's first development was c...
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