Television in Ecuador
Television in Ecuador is most important among the country's mass media. Television programming is dominated by telenovelas, series, and news programming. Private and government-run channels coexist at...
El Tiempo (Ecuador)
El Tiempo is a newspaper published in Cuenca, Ecuador. It has been published since April 12, 1955.
Expedición Robinson Ecuador
Expedición Robinson was the Ecuadorian version of the popular show Expedition Robinson, or Survivor as it is called in some countries. The show only ran for one season that lasted from August 28, 2003...
Lincoln Verduga Loor
Lincoln Verduga Loor (Chone, December 25, 1917 - Portoviejo, January 15, 2009) was an Ecuadorian journalist and politician known for a long career in public service in his country.
Lincoln Verduga...
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La Hora
La Hora is the newspaper with the most regional editions in Ecuador. It specializes in regional news, and runs a total of 12 regional editions. The headquarters of La Hora are located in Quito.
El Mercurio (Ecuador)
El Mercurio is a newspaper published in Cuenca, Ecuador. It is the city's main newspaper.
Quito TV
Quito TV is a television channel in Ecuador. Since the start of their transmissions, on September 1 of 2006, the channel is the major television network of Ecuador.It broadcasts on channel 20 to Quito...
Jenny Estrada
Jenny María Estrada Ruiz (Guayaquil, June 21, 1940) is an Ecuadorian writer and journalist.She studied at "La Inmaculada" high school in Guayaquil and worked for the publication "El Universo".
Benjamín Carrión
Manuel Benjamín Carrión Mora (Loja, April 20, 1897 – Quito, March 9, 1979) was an Ecuadorian writer, diplomat and cultural promoter.
He was born into an aristocratic family in Loja. He was a lawy...
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.ec is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Ecuador.Registrations are made directly at the second level or at the third level beneath these names:
HCJB, "The Voice of the Andes", was the first radio station with daily programming in the South American country of Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. The station w...
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Andrés Vallejo
Andrés Vallejo Arcos is an Ecuadorian lawyer, journalist and politician who served as the Mayor of Quito. He assumed the role after the previous mayor, Paco Moncayo, resigned to run for congress. Vall...
Ecuador TV
Ecuador TV is the public service channel of Ecuador established in October 2007 thanks to a provision of non-reimbursable funds of $5 million of the Economic and Social Development Bank of Venezuela (...
Gran Hermano (Ecuador)
Big Brother Ecuador is a reality television show. It was the local version of the reality show Big Brother in Ecuador. Ecuador has also participated in a pan-regional version of the show, named Gran H...
Gama TV
Gama TV (formerly known as Gamavisión) is an Ecuadorian television affiliate of Televisa in Mexico. The belonged to financial Group Isaías and is operated by the Company Teledos SA Pacific TV in the c...
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List of newspapers in Ecuador
This is a list of newspapers in Ecuador.
Janet Hinostroza
Janet Hinostroza is an Ecuadoran television journalist and one of the best known personalities on Ecuadorian television. She is the anchor on a morning news program, “La Mañana de 24 Horas,” and was t...
El Quiteño Libre
El Quiteño Libre was a weekly newspaper from the city of Quito, Ecuador, in 1833. The newspaper was founded by political opponents of president Juan José Flores. One of the writers for the newspaper w...
Hoy (Ecuadorian newspaper)
Hoy, a morning newspaper in Ecuador, has been published continuously since 1982. Its parent office is located in the city of Quito, and it is currently published simultaneously in Guayaquil. It was fo...
Newspapers of Guayaquil
These are all the publications that are printed from time to time in Guayaquil, that report like news to happen nationally and internationally.