Electronic dance music
Electronic dance music (also known as EDM, dance music, club music, or simply dance) is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres produced primarily for dance-based entertainment environment...
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Water. Who needs it? Not resurrection plant.
Water. Who needs it? Credit: Explorist
The Phantom of the Opera - (VoicePlay feat. Rachel Potter)
How would "Phantom of the Opera" sound completely a cappella? Check it out!
Lian Ross - Say You'll Never (Авторадио Дискотека 80-х Moscow 2014 11 29)
(Авторадио Дискотека 80-х Moscow 2014 11 29) (Auto Radio Discoteka 80's Moscow 2014 11 29)
Go Go Girls
The GoGo Girls challenge The Rangers during Fly Guys' Penny Nickel Dime video shoot.
Company B (band)
Close harmony singing group is how the Andrew Sisters are described - the most successful female group of all time and that is a fitting way to describe Comp...
Sweet Female Attitude
Sweet Female Attitude.
Miss Kittin
Kittin is High (Official Video) Miss Kittin's first single release from her new album 'BatBox'! visit http://www.kittinbatbox.com Music & lyrics written and ...
Pendulum (band)
The amazing song/piece of music Girl In The Fire by Perth based DnB band Pendulum. This song ahs been very influential to me and the beginning guitar bit bri...
The Prodigy
This is The Prodigy's video for Firestarter - released 1996.
Liquid Stranger
This one is sporting some of the nastiest switch ups i've experienced in a long while, forthcoming on Liquid Strangers new album on Rottun later this year wi...
Dub Pistols
The Dub Pistols first single 'Back to Daylight' from their new Album 'Rum & Coke' released May 25th 2009.
Darkwood Dub
Vrtlog Vira - Video: director Ivan Sijak editing: Srdjan Radmilovic.
Lisa Maffia
Linda Jo Rizzo
Linda Jo Rizzo -You re My First You re My Last.
List of electronic music genres
This is a list of electronic music genres, consisting of genres of electronic music, primarily created with electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology. A distinction has been made b...
Acid jazz
Acid jazz, also known as club jazz, is a musical genre that combines elements of jazz, soul, funk and disco. Acid jazz originated in the London club scene of the mid-1980s in the rare groove movement ...
A Technoparade (the word is German) is a parade of vehicles equipped with strong loudspeakers and amplifiers playing techno music. It resembles a carnival parade in some respects, but the vehicles (ca...
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Giorgio Moroder
Giovanni Giorgio Moroder ([dʒoˈvanni ˈdʒordʒo ˈmɔːroder], born Hansjörg Moroder ['hansjœʀk mɔ'ʀoːdɐ], Urtijëi, 26 April 1940) is an Italian record producer, songwriter, performer and DJ. Moroder is fr...
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Throb (song)
"Throb" is a song by American singer-songwriter Janet Jackson from her fifth studio album, Janet. (1993). It was written and produced by Jackson, James Harris III and Terry Lewis and is a house song w...
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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is the eighth and final studio album by the American hip hop band Beastie Boys, released on April 27, 2011.The album was originally planned for release on September 15, 20...
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Escapade Music Festival
75°37′55.5″W / 45.412361°N 75.632083°W / 45.412361; -75.632083Escapade Music Festival is an annual electronic dance music (EDM) festival held on Canada Day (July 1) in Ottawa,...