Cocos Buff-banded Rail
The Cocos buff-banded rail, Gallirallus philippensis andrewsi, is an endangered subspecies of the buff-banded rail endemic to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian Offshore Territory in the centr...
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Grevillea mollis
Grevillea mollis is a rare shrub. Found under tall eucalyptus forest, on granite based soils at Gibraltar Range National Park, in Australia.
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Zieria lasiocaulis
Zieria lasiocaulis is a rare Australian plant in the Citrus family, only found in remote parts of New South Wales at high altitudes with a high rainfall.
Eucalyptus gunnii subsp. divaricata
Eucalyptus gunnii subsp. divaricata, commonly known as Miena cider gum, is tree that is endemic to Tasmania, Australia. It is a subspecies of Eucalyptus gunnii.
The Miena cider gum is a medium si...
Boronia imlayensis
Boronia imlayensis, commonly known as the Mount Imlay Boronia, is a shrub of the genus Boronia which has been recorded only on the sandstone ridge near the summit of Mount Imlay, in Australia. A small...
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Persoonia micranthera
Persoonia micranthera, commonly known as the small-flowered snottygobble, is an endangered prostrate shrub with yellow flowers and thin bark. It grows only on two peaks, Bluff Knoll and Isongerup Pea...
Regent Honeyeater
The regent honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia) is a critically endangered bird endemic to South Eastern Australia. It is commonly considered a flagship species within its range, with the efforts going in...
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Glyptorhagada silveri
Glyptorhagada silveriis a species of air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks in the family Camaenidae. This species is endemic to Australia.
Greater stick-nest rat
The greater stick-nest rat, house-building rat (Leporillus conditor) is a species of rodent in the family Muridae.It is found only in Australia on the Franklin Islands and St Peter Island in the Nuyts...
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Banksia brownii
Banksia brownii, commonly known as Feather-leaved Banksia or Brown's Banksia, is a species of shrub that grows in southwest Western Australia. An attractive plant with fine feathery leaves and large r...
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Golden galaxias
The golden galaxias (Galaxias auratus) is a galaxiid fish of the genus Galaxias. It is endemic to Tasmania, Australia.
It is medium to large for a galaxiid, usually growing up to 140 mm, occa...
Beddomeia fallax
Beddomeia fallax is a species of very small freshwater snail that has a gill and an operculum, an aquatic operculate gastropod mollusk in the family Hydrobiidae. This species is endemic to Australia.<...
Kawanphila pachomai
Kawanphila pachomai is a species of insect in family Tettigoniidae. It is endemic to Australia.
Abbott's Booby
Abbott's booby (Papasula abbotti) is an endangered seabird of the sulid family, which includes gannets and boobies. It is a large booby, smaller than gannets, and is placed within its own monotypic ge...
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Daphnandra johnsonii
Daphnandra johnsonii, the Illawarra Socketwood is a rare rainforest tree in the Illawarra district of eastern Australia.
Most of the 41 sites are under immediate threat from clearing for agricultu...
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Quassia sp. 'Moonee Creek'
Quassia sp. 'Moonee Creek' the Moonee Quassia is a shrub found in north eastern New South Wales, Australia. A rare plant, listed as endangered by extinction. However, it has yet to be formally named.I...
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Notopala sublineata
Notopala sublineata is a species of large, freshwater snail with an operculum, an aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Viviparidae, the river snails or mystery snails. This species is endemic to Au...
Acronychia littoralis
Acronychia littoralis is a shrub or small tree growing at the eastern coastal parts of Australia. The Scented Acronychia or Beach Acronychia grows naturally in north eastern New South Wales and a few ...
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Psacadonotus insulanus
Psacadonotus insulanus is a species of insect in family Tettigoniidae. It is endemic to Australia.
Jardinella acuminata
Jardinella acuminata is a species of small freshwater snails, aquatic gastropod mollusks in the family Hydrobiidae. This species is endemic to Australia.
Grevillea guthrieana
Grevillea guthrieana is a rare shrub growing in areas of high rainfall in north eastern New South Wales, Australia.
Pimelea spicata
Pink pimelea (Pimelea spicata) is an endangered plant, native to New South Wales, Australia. It is also known as rice flower.Invasive weeds which compete with the plant for resources include bridal cr...
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Engaewa similis
Engaewa similis is a species of Australian crayfish in the family Parastacidae.
E. similis is endemic to the Augusta region in Western Australia, and can be found from the Margaret River to the vi...
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Alectryon ramiflorus
Alectryon ramiflorus is a species of endangered small seasonal rainforest trees, constituting part of the plant family Sapindaceae. They remain growing naturally only (endemic) in a very restricted ar...
Eucalyptus morrisbyi
Eucalyptus morrisbyi is a rare and endangered tree species endemic to south-eastern Tasmania. Its common name is Morrisby's Gum. It has two natural populations on the eastern shore of the Derwent Rive...
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Endiandra floydii
Endiandra floydii is a small-sized rainforest tree. Despite its common name, Crystal Creek Walnut, this tree is unrelated to northern-hemisphere walnuts, and is a Laurel. It is named after the great ...
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