Laika: Pioneering Space Dog Launched 60 Years Ago Today
It has been 60 years since a Soviet dog named Laika became the first animal to orbit Earth. Her historic flight was one of the defining moments of the space race between the US and Soviet Union. Al Ja...
Video captures small plane crash in Washington
Dashcam video recorded a small plane crash land over a busy road in Mukilteo, Washington, clipping power lines as it went down.
Expert explains how to survive almost every plane crash
Almost all aircraft accidents are survivable – with 87.7 per cent of incidents involving zero fatalities – but there’s one step which can massively increase your chances, an expert has explained.
Unique engineering feat concluded as Chernobyl arch has reached resting place
Thirty years after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the radioactive remains of the power plant’s destroyed reactor 4 have been safely enclosed following on...
Our Universe Has Trillions of Galaxies, 10 Times More Than Thought, Hubble Study Shows
A new study using the Hubble Space Telescope and other telescopes has increased the estimate of galaxies in the Universe ten fold. It was previously estimate...
Hubble Images Water Plumes on Europa: Life Possible
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope took direct ultraviolet images of the icy moon Europa transiting across the disk of Jupiter.
11 Things Found After Japanese Tsunami
Some of the craziest things will wash up after a big storm like an entire yacht on top of a building and soccer ball across the country! Subscribe to Talltan...
Emirates plane crash-lands at Dubai airport
Firefighter killed battling blaze after Emirates Boeing 777 crash-landed, but all 300 on board were evacuated safely.
Evidence Suggests Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Was Deliberately Flown Into Ocean
The Australian-led search for MH370 has again been accused of looking in the wrong place for the Malaysia Airlines' Boeing 777 based on evidence someone was in control of the plane till the very end.....
Hubble Captures The Beating Heart Of The Crab Nebula
Peering deep into the core of the Crab Nebula, this close-up image reveals the beating heart of one of the most historic and intensively studied remnants of a supernova — an exploding star.
NASA Approves Five More Years For Hubble Space Telescope
Extra funds for the world’s most famous observatory mean it will be able to work in tandem with its upcoming successor, the James Webb Space Telescope
Report: Ominous Graffiti Was Scribbled On The Bottom Of The Crashed EgyptAir Flight
Ominous graffiti reading "We will bring this plane down" in Arabic was written underneath the EgyptAir jet that crashed en route from Paris to Cairo on Thursday morning, The New York Times reported on...
Nuclear Accident At Three Mile Island-March 28, 1979
At 4 a.m. on March 28, 1979, the worst accident in the history of the U.S. nuclear power industry begins when a pressure valve in the Unit-2 reactor at Three Mile Island fails to close. Cooling water,...
Norway's Radioactive Reindeer
Thirty years ago, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster took place, releasing massive amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere. Today, Sami reindeer herders in central Norway are still...
Somalia probes 'plane explosion' after emergency landing
An investigation is launched in Somalia after a plane made an emergency landing with a gaping hole in its fuselage in the capital, Mogadishu.
Space accidents and incidents
This article lists verifiable spaceflight-related accidents and incidents resulting in fatality or near-fatality during flight or training for manned space missions, and testing, assembly, preparation...
Space accidents and incidents - Wikipedia
LOFTI-1 was an American satellite which was launched in 1961 and operated by the United States Navy and Naval Research Laboratory. It was used to conduct research into the propagation of very low freq...
LOFTI-1 - Wikipedia
In materials science, wear is erosion or sideways displacement of material from its "derivative" and original position on a solid surface performed by the action of another surface. Wear is related to...
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Comparison of Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents
The following table compares the nuclear accidents at Fukushima Daiichi (2011) and Chernobyl (1986) nuclear power plants.Last update 4 September 2013.
Life-critical system
A life-critical system or safety-critical system is a system whose failure or malfunction may result in one (or more) of the following outcomes:Risks of this sort are usually managed with the methods ...