Adir Miller
Adir Miller (Hebrew: אדיר מילר‎, born 16 June 1974) is an Israeli actor, Screenwriter and comedian.Miller is married and has three children.
Miller's professional career started in 1999,...
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Yuval Semo
Yuval Semo (Hebrew: יובל סמו; born 20 June 1972) is an Israeli actor and comedian. He is well known for acting in the popular Israeli TV show Eretz Nehederet.
Semo was born in Haifa in 1972. His m...
Tzipi Shavit
Tzipora (Tzipi) Shavit (born 1 April 1947) (Hebrew: ציפורה (ציפי) שביט‎) is an Israeli actress, comedian and entertainer, who is mostly known as one of the most prominent children entertaine...
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Mayumana troupe
Mayumana (Hebrew: מיומנה‎) is an Israeli dance troupe that combines dance, song and percussion.
Mayumana was established in Tel Aviv by Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman in 1996.The name of t...
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