Environmental social science
Environmental social science is the broad, transdisciplinary study of interrelations between humans and the natural environment. Environmental social scientists work within and between the fields of a...
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Sustainable Tecnolodies
For a sustainable Future.
John Stossel - Recycling Stupidity
Stossel examines the wisdom of recycling programs and the sustainability movement. http://www.LibertyPen.com
DNA In London Grave May Help Solve Mysteries Of The Great Plague
Scientists can use samples from skeletons’ teeth to answer lingering questions about the Black Death.
Zika Could Spread Beyond Florida, Health Official Warns
One of the top U.S. public health officials on Sunday warned that the mosquito-borne Zika virus could extend its reach across the U.S. Gulf Coast after officials last week confirmed it as active in th...
Unique Zika Case Of Utah Caregiver Under Investigation
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Health authorities in Utah are investigating a unique case of Zika found in a person who had been caring for a relative who had an unusually high level of the virus in his blood.
The World's First Underground Park Is Coming To New York City, And It Looks Awesome
The Lowline Project is one of the city's most ambitious to date, and it could transform how people think of urban environments.
'Nobody Is Immune': Bracing For Zika's First Summer In The U.S.
Author Donald. G. McNeil Jr. predicts that 2016 will be the worst for Zika transmission in the U.S. "After this year, a fair number of people will be immune, and ... immunity will grow," he says.
Beijing Has fallen: China's Capital Sinking By 11cm A year, Satellite Study Warns
Pumping of groundwater blamed for causing soil to collapse as development roars ahead above, with railways among infrastructure at risk, say scientists
China Will Test A 'Straddle Bus' That Drives Over Cars
If you've ever imagined yourself driving a monster truck over rush hour traffic, there might be a real job for you some day as a straddle bus driver.
Incredible Way Of Future Transportation-Straddling Bus(3D bus)
Imagine one day you driving on road, then one huge "moving tunnel" flying overhead, carring with hundreds of people, you may think it is dream, but it is tru...
President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Proposal
President Barack Obama announced Friday that he is rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline proposal, saying the project "would not serve the interests of the United States." The president cited concerns ab...
Abandoned Paris Metro Stations, Reborn As Nightclubs And Public Pools
In a city whose sewers attract tourists, it's no surprise that a mayoral candidate is proposing to turn abandoned subway stations into art galleries, nightclubs, restaurants, and pools. Nathalie Kosci...
20 Ponds, Water Gardens & Waterfalls
Water gardens are a new thing to try if you want to upgrade your yard and give it a modern touch. Water has a nice calming effect and besides creating an ooze of calmness, it can also create a refresh...
Researchers Develop Novel Theoretical Approach To Reduce Antibiotic Resistance
It is estimated that each year in the United States 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to one or more types of antibiotics, and at least 23,000 people will die because ...
Children Born In Summer Are More Likely To Be Healthy Adults
According to the study, birth month affects birth weight and when the girl starts puberty, both of which have an impact on overall health of adults. The environment in the womb leads to differences in...
Yes, Animals Think And Feel. Here's How We Know
The author of a new book also says that animals can feel empathy, like the humpback whale that rescued a seal. Do animals feel empathy? Does an elephant have consciousness? Can a dog plan ahead? These...
Environmental communication
Environmental communication refers to the study and practice of how individuals, institutions, societies, and cultures craft, distribute, receive, understand, and use messages about the environment an...
Environmental economics
Environmental Economics is a sub-field of economics that is concerned with environmental issues. Quoting from the National Bureau of Economic Research Environmental Economics program:Environmental eco...
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Human ecology
Human ecology is an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary study of the relationship between humans and their natural, social, and built environments. The philosophy and study of human ecology has a ...
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Political ecology
Political ecology is the study of the relationships between political, economic and social factors with environmental issues and changes. Political ecology differs from apolitical ecological studies b...
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Environmental psychology
Environmental psychology is an interdisciplinary field focused on the interplay between individuals and their surroundings. The field defines the term environment broadly, encompassing natural environ...
Environmental sociology
Environmental sociology is typically defined as the sociological study of societal-environmental interactions, although this definition immediately presents the perhaps insolvable problem of separatin...
Sustainable Tecnolodies
For a sustainable Future.
Energy policy of the United States
The energy policy of the United States is determined by federal, state and local entities in the United States, which address issues of energy production, distribution, and consumption, such as buildi...
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Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment, economics, health, property, information, the...
DNA In London Grave May Help Solve Mysteries Of The Great Plague
Scientists can use samples from skeletons’ teeth to answer lingering questions about the Black Death.
Heritage interpretation
Heritage interpretation refers to all the ways in which information is communicated to visitors to an educational site, such as a museum or science centre. More specifically it is the communication of...
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