Environmental technology
Environmental technology (envirotech), green technology (greentech) or clean technology (cleantech) is the application of one or more of environmental science, green chemistry, environmental monitorin...
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John Stossel - Recycling Stupidity
Stossel examines the wisdom of recycling programs and the sustainability movement. http://www.LibertyPen.com
Genie E-Waste Recycling
Computer recycling in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.
Five Little Things You Can Do to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient – Experiment Home
I am not going to discuss appliance removal and replacement to energy star. I want to start with the least expensive methods that can make a real difference in your energy usage. These five little thi...
Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy?
Is green energy, particularly wind and solar energy, the solution to our climate and energy problems? Or should we be relying on things like...
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France Bans Plastic Cups, Plates And Cutlery
France has passed a new law to ensure all plastic cups, cutlery and plates can be composted and are made of biologically-sourced materials. The law, which comes into effect in 2020, is part of the Ene...
What The ‘Sixth Extinction’ Will Look Like In The Oceans: The Largest Species Die Off First
New research on threatened ocean species finds a strong pattern with only one possible cause: Humans.
World's Wilderness Reduced By A Tenth Since 1990s
The world's wilderness is vanishing at an "alarming" rate, say conservationists.
It's Probably Too Late To Stop Global Warming
We've passed the point of no return when it comes to stopping a rise of 1.5°C (2.7°F) in global temperatures, a new study has found.Your grandchildren are going to love this.
Crippled Atlantic Currents Triggered Ice Age Climate Change
The last ice age wasn’t one long big chill. Dozens of times temperatures abruptly rose or fell, causing all manner of ecological change. Mysteriously, ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica show that...
Antarctica Could Lose Most Of Its Penguins To Climate Change
A new study finds significant impact, and a possible silver lining, for the iconic birds over the next century.
Beijing Has fallen: China's Capital Sinking By 11cm A year, Satellite Study Warns
Pumping of groundwater blamed for causing soil to collapse as development roars ahead above, with railways among infrastructure at risk, say scientists
Lake Mead Hits All-Time Low Amid Ongoing Drought
Crucial Nevada reservoir at lowest point since Hoover Dam was built in 1936; water managers plan to let it drop further..
After The Pacific Ocean Swallows Villages And Five Solomon Islands, A Study Blames Climate Change
The sea has eroded or completely swallowed at least 11 of the Solomon Islands over the past 70 years. Why some of the Solomon Islands have disappeared A study has found that five of the Solomon Islan...
Small Business and Recycling
A useful story about recycling in a way that is beneficial to the environment and the small business owner.
Recycling is a process to change waste materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air poll...
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Environmental science
Environmental science is a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences (including but not limited to ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, zoology, m...
Alternative technology
Alternative technology is a term used to refer to technologies that are more environmentally friendly than the functionally equivalent technologies dominant in current practice.The term was coined by ...
What The ‘Sixth Extinction’ Will Look Like In The Oceans: The Largest Species Die Off First
New research on threatened ocean species finds a strong pattern with only one possible cause: Humans.
Lighting control system
A lighting control system is an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use o...
Plasma gasification
Plasma gasification is a process which converts organic matter into synthetic gas, electricity, and slag using plasma. A plasma torch powered by an electric arc, is used to ionize gas and catalyze or...
The Aquanator is a small-scale tidal-power device, a device which uses rows of hydrofoils to generate electricity from water currents. It was invented by Australian inventor Michael Perry.
The Aq...
The concept of leapfrogging was originally used in the context of economic growth theories and industrial-organization innovation studies with specific focus on competition among firms. It is based on...
Hybrid renewable energy system
Hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES) are becoming popular for remote area power generation applications due to advances in renewable energy technologies and subsequent rise in prices of petroleum pr...
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Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies
The Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) is a research network for environmental studies based primarily in the humanities. By organizing regular conferences, symposia and...
Edible Water Bottle To Cause A Splash At EU Sustainability Awards
An edible alternative to plastic water bottles made from seaweed has topped the UK round of an EU competition for new, more sustainable products. The new spherical form of packaging, called Ooho and d...
Ocean Power Technologies Australasia
Ocean Power Technologies Australasia Pty Ltd, OPTA is an Australian owned company, currently engaged in wave power projects in Australia It is a subsidiary of Ocean Power Technologies Inc (OPT).Ocean ...