Jonathan Paget
Jonathan "Jock" Paget (born 17 November 1983) is a New Zealand equestrian who won a bronze medal in Team eventing at the 2012 Summer Olympics. In 2013 he became only the second rider to win the Badmin...
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Nicolas Touzaint
Nicolas Touzaint, born 10 May 1980, is a French professional horserider specialising in three-day eventing. He was born into a family already known for its performance in equestrianism: his father, Je...
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Jill Henselwood
Jill Henselwood (born November 1, 1962) is a Canadian Equestrian Team member in show jumper.At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Henselwood (riding her horse Special Ed) won the silver medal as par...
Joseph Murphy (equestrian)
Joseph Murphy is an Irish equestrian. At the 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Individual eventing. He postponed his wedding to allow him to take part.
Scott Brash
Scott Brash MBE (born 23. November 1985) is a Scottish showjumper. He has been riding the horse Hello Sanctos since early 2012. He has a team of his finest horses all with the first name "Hello", and ...
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Tim Lips
Tim Lips (born 7 October 1985 in Made) is a Dutch eventer.
Both his parents were active in equestrian as well and Lips knew he wanted to be successful in the sport from a young age. Already at the...
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Rebecca Howard
Rebecca Howard (born May 9, 1979 in Salmon Arm, British Columbia) is a Canadian Equestrian Team athlete in Eventing. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed in Individual Eventing.
Camilla Speirs
Camilla Speirs is an Irish equestrian. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she competed in the Individual eventing.
Steffen Peters
Steffen Peters (born September 18, 1964) is a German-born equestrian who competes for the United States in dressage. He has participated in three Olympic Games, winning a bronze medal at the 1996 Summ...
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Álvaro de Miranda Neto
Álvaro Affonso de Miranda Neto (more commonly: Álvaro de Miranda, or "Doda" Miranda) (born 5 February 1973) is an Olympic-class Brazilian show jumping rider. He is married to Athina Onassis de Miranda...
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Christian Ahlmann
Christian Ahlmann (born December 17, 1974 in Marl, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German equestrian who competes in the sport of show jumping. He currently ranks twentyfifth in the FEI Longines World Ra...
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Nicola Wilson
Nicola Wilson (née Tweddle) (born 1 October 1976 in Darlington) is a British equestrian rider specialising in three-day eventing. She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics with her horse, Opposition Bu...
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Harald Ambros
Harald Ambros, born 19 March 1980, is an Austrian equestrian. At the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Individual eventing.
Andrew Nicholson (equestrian)
For the Canadian basketball player with the same name see Andrew Nicholson (basketball)Andrew Nicholson (born 1 August 1961 in Te Awamutu) is a New Zealand horseman who has competed at six Olympic Gam...
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Carl Bouckaert
Carl Bouckaert, born 19 April 1954, is a Belgian equestrian and businessman. At the 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Individual eventing.He also competed in the Belgian Olympic team during the ...
Siril Helljesen
Siril Helljesen (born 1978) is a Norwegian equestrian. She was born in Oslo. She finished 31st in the individual dressage at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. She became the first Norwegian to compe...
Marc Rigouts
Marc Rigouts is a Belgian equestrian. At the 2012 Summer Olympics he competed in the Individual eventing.
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Beezie Madden
Elizabeth "Beezie" Madden (born Elizabeth Patton; November 20, 1963) is an American show jumping competitor and Olympic winner from Cazenovia, New York. She won the 2013 World Cup of Show Jumping with...
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Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum
Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum (born 26 December 1969 in Los Angeles, California) is an American-born German equestrian who competes at the international level in show jumping.
She grew up riding poni...
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