Evliya Çelebi
Mehmed Zilli (25 March 1611 – after 1682), known as Evliya Çelebi (Ottoman Turkish: اوليا چلبى), was an Ottoman Turk who travelled through the territory of the Ottoman Empire and neighboring lands...
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Marie-Félicité Brosset
Marie-Félicité Brosset (January 24, 1802 – September 22, 1880) was a French orientalist who specialized in Georgian and Armenian studies. He worked mostly in Russia.
Marie-Félicité Brosset was bor...
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Johann Anton Güldenstädt
Johann Anton Güldenstädt (26 April 1745 in Riga, Latvia – 23 March 1781 in St. Petersburg, Russia) was a Baltic German naturalist and explorer in Russian service.Güldenstädt lost both his parent...
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Gustav Radde
Gustav Ferdinand Richard Radde (27 November 1831 - 2 March 1903) was a German naturalist and explorer.
Radde was born in Danzig, the son of a schoolmaster. He had little formal education, and bega...
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Julius Klaproth
Julius Heinrich Klaproth (1783–1835), German linguist, historian, ethnographer, author, orientalist and explorer. As a scholar, he is credited along with Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat, with being instrumen...
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