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Dreamy Earth - Unbelievable!!!
I Can't Believe this. :O
When dreams become reality: speedriding under the moonlight
❄️ When dreams become reality: Frenchman Valentin Delluc soars his way across the Bossons glacier guided by moonlight and LED http://bit.ly/2F0raAz
Here’s how Ben Lecomte trained for his 5,500-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean
Here’s how Ben Lecomte trained for his 5,500-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean
Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic
This small lake outside Stockholm, Sweden, emits otherworldly sounds as Mårten Ajne skates over its precariously thin, black ice. “Wild ice skating,” or “Nordic skating,” is both an art and a science....
Red Bull Rampage 2015: Top Freeride Mountain Bike Highlights
With an incredible first run down the mountain, Kurt Sorge cemented his spot in ...
Bike balancing 200m high up - Fabio Wibmer
Dam(n) that was high! Balancing a bike on one of the highest dams in europe, the Koelnbreinsperre in Austria, which has a height of 200m. This is my entry for the "GoPro of the world contest". The vot...
Wingsuit Flyer Smacks Straight Into A Tree Going Over 90 MPH
He should have died, but and for the lack of a better word, it’s a MIRACLE he’s still with us. His injuries were “only” left scapula fracture, left acromian fracture, left neck abrasion, left clavicle...
Newport Harbor 129 ft CRAZY Jump Into Water
SKIP TO 1:08 FOR THE JUMP! Thanks everyone for waiting on this insane video, I promise it was worth the wait! Massive 129' building drop into the Harbor dodg...
After A Record Hot Day Powerful Electric Storm Moving Into Manhattan
New York Has Been Boiling All Weekend. Now The Storm Is Rolling In.
Life-Saving Facts Everyone Should Know
Just about everyone knows that you should never text and drive, and that you should stop, drop, and roll if you catch on fire.
One Breath - The Story of William Trubridge
Triumphing in the dangerous world of freediving is all about mind over matter
Roberta Mancino's Wingsuit Flight Over An Active Volcano
Flying a wingsuit over an active volcano has long been a dream for Roberta Mancino. After years of training, she embarked on a mission to Chile's Villarrica ...
INSANE Speeds! Michael Dunlop Superbike FASTEST ever TT Lap RECORD!
History was made in the opening race of the 2016 Isle of Man TT races, fuelled by Monster Energy, as Michael Dunlop shattered the lap and race records to record the first ever sub-17 minute lap of the...
Amazing drone footage of BASE jumping in Norway
Filmed with Dji Phantom 3 pro at Kjerag, located in the far en of the 44km long Lysefjord in Forsand, Norway.
FIA Opts For Halo Cockpit Protection Over Aeroscreen
Formula One has opted to pursue the introduction of the Halo cockpit protection device next year following a meeting of the sport's technical bosses in Monaco on Friday.
Four Climbers Dead On Everest, 'Mountain Of Extremes'
Four have died in the span of four days on Mount Everest, including a Sherpa and two Westerners. Two other climbers are missing.
Buildering (also known as edificeering, urban climbing, structuring, or stegophily) describes the act of climbing on the outside of buildings and other artificial structures. The word "buildering" is ...
Arsenate-reducing bacteria
Arsenate-reducing bacteria are bacteria which reduce arsenates. Arsenate-reducing bacteria are ubiquitous in arsenic-contaminated groundwater (aqueous environment).Arsenates are salts or esters of ars...
One of those days 2 - Candide Thovex
Candide Thovex having another one of those days in his home resort.
In taxonomy, Ferroplasma is a genus of the Ferroplasmaceae.The genus Ferroplasma consists solely of three species. Its type species, F. acidophilum, is an acidophilic iron-oxidizing member of the Eury...
Extreme ironing
Extreme Ironing (also called EI) is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take ironing boards to remote locations and iron items of clothing. According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau,...
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Arthrobacter (from the Greek, "jointed small stick”) is a genus of bacteria that is commonly found in soil. All species in this genus are Gram-positive obligate aerobes that are rods during exponentia...
Halomonas salaria
Halomonas salaria is a Gram-negative, moderately halophilic, obligate piezophilic proteobacterium that requires pressures of 102 MPa to grow.The species was first isolated from a salt water sample fro...
Flight distance record
This list of flight distance records contains only those set without any mid-air refueling.
Calcio Fiorentino
Calcio fiorentino (also known as calcio storico "historic football") is an early form of football that originated in 16th century Italy. Once widely played, the sport is thought to have originated in ...
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Shocking & Unbelievable Real Videos Around The World
Really Amazing Incidents.Football incidents.car stunts.Car Drifting.dangerous stunt.Top car Speed. Wall climbing.Bike Stunts Pool Snooker. Top class Player .sky diving
List of Formula One records
This is a list of records in the FIA World Championships, since 1950. Bold entries indicate the record-holder has competed in the 2015 season.This page is accurate as of the 2015 Australian Grand Prix...
Hypsibiidae is a family of water bear or moss piglet, a tardigrade in the class Eutardigrada.
Dangerous skiing - Candide Thovex
Candide Thovex completes the trilogy with another one of those days.