Extreme weather
Extreme weather includes unusual, severe or unseasonal weather; weather at the extremes of the historical distribution—the range that has been seen in the past. Often, extreme events are based on a lo...
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Strangest Weather Phenomena
Power of the storms
Electrical storm lights up the sky
WATCH: Electrical storm lights up the sky over Kimberley, Western Australia.
Storm kills eight in Romania, damage hits Serbia, Croatia
A strong storm killed eight people and injured at least 67 in western Romania on Sunday as winds of up to 100 kph (over 60 mph) also brought destruction to parts of Serbia and Croatia, officials said.
Brave Storm Footage!
Brave Storm Footage!
Pursuit (4K) on Vimeo
There is peace even in a storm
Kashmir Today - Has National Geographic Channel Paid $ 1 Million For This Video?
National Geographic Channel Has Paid $ 1 Million For This Video
Boomerang: Could Hurricane Matthew Hit the US Twice?
Hurricane Matthew may boomerang on us: Will the Category 4 storm perform a dreaded 360-degree loop and head right back toward the U.S. East Coast?
Why Hurricane Categories Make A Big Difference
During a hurricane you usually hear meteorologists refer to its intensity by categories. If you don't know the difference between a category 1 and a category...
Reindeer killed in Norway lightning storm
More than 300 reindeer have been killed in a lightning storm on a mountain plateau in Norway.
After A Record Hot Day Powerful Electric Storm Moving Into Manhattan
New York Has Been Boiling All Weekend. Now The Storm Is Rolling In.
China tornado: Dozens die in Jiangsu province
A tornado has killed 51 people in eastern China and injured dozens more, Chinese state media say.
Life-Saving Facts Everyone Should Know
Just about everyone knows that you should never text and drive, and that you should stop, drop, and roll if you catch on fire.
2 Tornadoes strike in Miami-Dade and Broward
The National Weather Service has confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties, Tuesday morning.
#Blizzard2016: Storm Jonas in 16 Freezing Pictures
Photographs of the 2016 Blizzard Jones from New York, New Jersey and the U.S. East Coast
A cloudburst is an extreme amount of precipitation, sometimes with hail and thunder, which normally lasts no longer than a few minutes but is capable of creating flood conditions. A cloudburst can sud...
A microburst is a small-scale downburst, thus a very localized column of sinking air caused by a small and intense downdraft (the air does not spin like it does in the case of a cyclone or tornado) wi...
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Perfect storm
A "perfect storm" is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically. The term is also used to describe an actual phenomenon that...
Rogue wave
Rogue waves (also known as freak waves, monster waves, killer waves, extreme waves, and abnormal waves) are relatively large and spontaneous ocean surface waves that occur far out at sea, and are a th...
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A snowsquall (or snow squall) is a sudden moderately heavy snow fall with blowing snow and strong, gusty surface winds. It is often referred to as a whiteout and is similar to a blizzard but is locali...
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Spanish plume
The Spanish Plume (Penacho Ibérico in Spanish and Spaanse Pluim in Dutch) is a weather pattern in which a plume of warm air moves from the Iberian plateau or the Sahara to northwest Europe giving rise...
A storm is any disturbed state of an environment or astronomical body's atmosphere especially affecting its surface, and strongly implying severe weather. It may be marked by significant disruptions t...
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A thunderstorm, also known as an electrical storm, a lightning storm, or a thundershower, is a type of storm characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmospher...
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A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. They are often referred t...
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Tropical cyclone
A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its locatio...
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Upper-atmospheric lightning
Upper-atmospheric lightning or ionospheric lightning are terms sometimes used by researchers to refer to a family of short-lived electrical-breakdown phenomena that occur well above the altitudes of n...
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A waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water. They are connected to a towering cumuliform cloud or a cumulonimbus cloud. In ...
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El Niño-Southern Oscillation
El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), refers to the effects of a band of sea surface temperatures which are anomalously warm or cold for long periods of time that develops off the western coast of Sout...
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Multiple vortex tornado
A multiple-vortex tornado is a tornado that contains several vortices rotating around, inside of, and as part of the main vortex. These multiple vortices are somewhat similar to eyewall mesovortices f...
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