Extremism (represented on both sides of the political spectrum) is an ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of a society or to violate ...
American Woman Held In Abu Dhabi For Refusing To Talk To Men At Airport
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A US woman has appeared in court for allegedly insulting the United Arab Emirates in public while waiting for a taxi at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
American Tourist Killed In 1 Of 3 Terror Attacks In Israel During Biden Visit
Israeli authorities responded Tuesday to three terror attacks occurring minutes of each other that badly injured three Israelis, two of whom were in serious condition.
Nuclear Smuggling Deals 'Thwarted' In Moldova
Moldovan police and the FBI are reported to have stopped four attempts by smugglers to sell nuclear material to extremists in the Middle East. The most recent case was in February when undercover agen...
Prophet And Profit
In her memoir Come Tell Me How You Live, Agatha Christie – wife of the British archaeologist Max Mallowan – describes the happy life of the expedition digging at Chagar Bazaar in the Jezirah region of...
Suicide Bombing At Saudi Arabia Mosque Kills More Than A Dozen
More than a dozen killed in suicide bombing attack at mosque inside police compound; Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claims responsibility. An allegedly new Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) affil...
Chattanooga Shooter An Aimless Young Man Who Smoked Dope And Shot Guns
Abdulazeez called himself the “Arabian redneck” and, until recently, didn’t appear to be devout. A few months before he killed five U.S. service members in a shooting rampage here, the 24-year-old gu...
Legion Of Foreign Fighters Battles For Islamic State
April, instead of coming home from school, two teenagers left their valley high in the Caucasus, and went off to war. In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a 20-year-old stole her friend’s passport to make the s...
US-Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death
A US-Bangladeshi blogger whose campaigning for a secular society in Bangladesh angered Islamists is hacked to death on a street in the capital Dhaka.
Australia to toughen citizenship laws to combat terrorism
Australia is to toughen citizenship laws and tackle those inciting hatred under new measures targeting domestic extremists, PM Tony Abbott says.
Dutch Muslim Mayor: I can say things my colleagues can't
The Moroccan-born Muslim mayor of Rotterdam, the Netherlands says that Europe has no place for extremists who are not willing to live within its norms.