Fauna of Europe
Fauna of Europe is all the animals living in Europe and its surrounding seas and islands. Since there is no natural biogeographic boundary in the east and south between Europe and Asia, the term "faun...
Fauna of Europe - Wikipedia
Polar Bear Scare Unmasked: The Saga of a Toppled Global Warming Icon
In spite of claims that polar bear populations are facing pressure from loss of Arctic summer sea ice, their numbers have in fact grown. In this short video, Dr. Susan Crockford summarises the evidenc...
Amazing Dancing Birds
Great crested grebe courtship dance
Raccoon Climbs Down Drainpipe
How is this even physically possible?! 😱😳
How 3 Michelin Star Sushi Legend Masa Cooks at Home
Legendary sushi chef Masa Takayama was the first Japanese chef to helm a restaurant that was awarded three Michelin stars in the US. Now, he's going to show you how he cooks at home by using one fish ...
Dachshund Tennis: Super Smash
Dachshund tennis is my new favourite thing 😂🎾
Life Story: Chick makes the ultimate leap of faith
This chick is just a few days old and already skydiving! 😱(via BBC Earth)
Africa's smallest cat is also the world's deadliest
Africa's smallest cat is also the world's deadliest. 😼 Happy #InternationalCatDay!
Mandarin duck
Our world is full of love and beauty
National Geographic Magazine - Meet The Little Cats You've Never Seen
Do you know any of these little cats' names? Learn more about the elusive wildcats you've never seen. The Nat Geo Photo Ark is using the power of photography to inspire people to save animals before.....
Nightingale - Plăviceni Monastery, Romania
La Manastirea Plăviceni Jud.Teleorman vine o priveghetoare la stareț, acesta îi dă peşte să mănânce, iar ca răsplată, priveghetoarea cântă in mana lui!
BBC Earth - Africa's smallest cat is also the world's deadliest
Africa's smallest cat is also the world's deadliest. 😼 UK fans! #BigCats continues this Thursday 8pm on BBC One
Round of a-paws for Selka, who just... - Monterey Bay Aquarium
Round of a-paws for Selka, who just raised her first rescued pup!
Philomachus pugnax
Sometimes you know that though we try might, through photography (film scene), just not the uniqueness of a natural moment of capture. This is the case with our visit at Sandpiper militant in Norway d...