Feminism in New Zealand
Feminism in New Zealand began in 1840, when the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi created New Zealand as part of the British Empire under Queen Victoria. The British government passed the New Zealand ...
Miriam Soljak
Miriam Soljak (née Cummings) (1879 – 1971) was a pioneering New Zealand feminist, communist, unemployed rights activist and supporter of family planning efforts.Born Miriam Bridelia Cummings in Hastin...
Mary Ann Müller
Mary Ann Müller (born Mary Ann Wilson in 1819 or 1820 in London, died July 18, 1901 in Blenheim) was a New Zealand campaigner for women's suffrage and, more generally, women's rights. She is described...
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Kate Sheppard
Katherine Wilson "Kate" Sheppard (10 March 1847–13 July 1934) was the most prominent member of New Zealand's Women's Suffrage and was the country's most famous suffragette. She also appears on the New...
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Daphne Purves
Dame Daphne Helen Purves, DBE (8 November 1908 – 14 October 2008) was New Zealand's oldest Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire at the time of her death. Her main area of expertise ...
Renee Taylor (writer)
Renee Gertrude Taylor, ONZM (born 1929), is a feminist writer and playwright from New Zealand. Her ancestry is Scots and Māori from the tribe of Ngāti Kahungunu. Also known as Renee, the writer descri...
Amey Daldy
Amey Daldy (c.1829–17 August 1920) was an English-born New Zealand feminist and suffragist. She was an important leader in the movement for women's suffrage in New Zealand, but later resigned as...
Meri Te Tai Mangakahia
Meri Te Tai Mangakahia (22 May 1868 – 10 October 1920) was a campaigner for women's suffrage in New Zealand.
Mangakahia was born in Lower Waihou near Panguru in the Hokianga valley. A member of th...
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Freda Du Faur
Emmeline Freda Du Faur (16 September 1882 – 11 September 1935) was the first female mountaineer to climb New Zealand's tallest mountain, Aoraki / Mount Cook.
Du Faur was born in Croydon, Sydney. S...
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Sarah Ellen Oliver Snow
Sarah Ellen Oliver Snow (1864–1939) was a New Zealand political activist, feminist and welfare worker. She was born in Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand in 1864.
Sarah Page (prohibitionist)
Sarah Page (1863–1950) was a New Zealand teacher, feminist, prohibitionist, socialist and social reformer. She was born in Waimea South, Nelson, New Zealand in 1863.
Margaret Bullock
Margaret Bullock (4 January 1845–17 June 1903) was a New Zealand journalist, writer, feminist and social reformer. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand, on 4 January 1845.
Jean Begg
Jean Begg (7 October 1886–15 February 1971) was a New Zealand welfare worker and administrator, feminist. She was born in Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand on 7 October 1886.
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Margaret Sievwright
Margaret Home Sievwright (19 March 1844 – 9 March 1905) was a New Zealand feminist, political activist and community leader. She was born in Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland in 1844. She emig...
Alexis Hunter
Alexis Jan Atthill Hunter (4 November 1948 – 24 February 2014) was a contemporary New Zealand painter and photographer, who used feminist theory in her work. She lived in London. Hunter was also a mem...
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Kate Challis Excelsa Hooper
Kate Challis Excelsa Hooper OBE (25 June 1894 – 29 November 1982) was a New Zealand nurse, nursing administrator, community worker and feminist. She was born in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand ...
Sonja Davies
Sonja Davies ONZ (11 November 1923 – 12 June 2005) was a New Zealand trade unionist, peace campaigner, and Member of Parliament. On 6 February 1987 Davies was the third appointee to the Order of...
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Edith Searle Grossmann
Edith Searle Grossmann (8 September 1863–27 February 1931) was a New Zealand teacher, novelist, journalist and feminist. She was born in Beechworth, Victoria, Australia on 8 September 1863.
Alice Mary Cassie
Alice Mary Cassie (19 November 1887–17 March 1963) was a New Zealand political activist and feminist. She was born in Dundee, Angus, Scotland on 19 November 1887.
Phillida Bunkle
Phillida Bunkle (born 1944) is a former New Zealand politician. She represented the Alliance in Parliament from 1996 to 2002, when she retired. Bunkle was for many years a lecturer at Victoria Univers...
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Sue Kedgley
Susan Jane Kedgley (born 1948), BA (Victoria University), TTC (University of Auckland), MA (Hons) (University of Otago), is a New Zealand politician, food campaigner and author.
She is married to ...
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Lesbian Feminist Circle
The Circle was a lesbian journal collectively produced by the Sisters for Homophile Equality (SHE) in Wellington, New Zealand between December 1973 and 1977. The magazine was renamed Lesbian Feminist ...
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Emily Patricia Gibson
Emily Patricia Gibson (c.1864–24 April 1947) was a New Zealand proof-reader, feminist, socialist and internationalist. She was born in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland on c.1864.
Emily Maguire (politician)
Emily Maguire (1 April 1873 – 9 August 1961) was a New Zealand community worker, local politician and feminist. She was born in Burnley, Lancashire, England on 1 April 1873. She was a member of ...
Helen Connon
Helen Connon (1860 – 22 February 1903) was an educational pioneer from Christchurch, New Zealand. She was the first woman in the British Empire to win any university degree with honours.Born in Melbou...
Sandra Coney
Sandra Lorraine Coney, QSO (born 22 October 1944) is a New Zealand local body politician, writer, feminist, historian, and women's health campaigner.
She is best known for her co-authorship (with ...
Mary Josephine Player
Mary Josephine Player (1857–1924) was a New Zealand servant, midwife, welfare worker, feminist and social reformer. She was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland in about 1857.
Maud Pember Reeves
Maud Pember Reeves (24 December 1865 – 13 September 1953) (born Magdalene Stuart Robison) was a feminist, writer and member of the Fabian Society. She spent most of her life in New Zealand and ...
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Elaine Wainwright
Elaine Mary Wainwright, BA(Hons) MTheol PhD, was Richard Maclaurin Goodfellow Professor in Theology at the University of Auckland. She retired at the end of 2014.She is known for her feminist scholars...