Sherlock Films
Sherlock Films is a Spanish film production company.
Producciones Sin Un Duro
Producciones Sin Un Duro is a Spanish film production company created in Madrid in 2003, that aims to alternate between fiction and documentary films, with the main emphasis on cinema with social cont...
Aurum Producciones
Alliance Films (formerly Alliance Entertainment, Alliance Communications, Alliance Atlantis Releasing LTD or CIC Canada and also known as Alliance VivaFilm in Quebec) was a major Canadian motion pict...
Fantastic Factory
Fantastic Factory is a label under Barcelona film company Filmax.
It was created by Julio Fernández and Brian Yuzna. Yuzna's goal for Fantastic Factory is produce "modestly budgeted genre (horror,...
Suevia Films
Suevia films is the first producer of films in the 20th century in Spain and was founded in 1941 by Cesáreo González.
Suevia began in 1940-1941 with Stowaway on Board. Every age roll more of 5 fil...
Telecinco Cinema
Telecinco Cinema, S.A.U. is a Spanish film production company owned by Mediaset España Comunicación. It produces both feature films and television films.
Telecinco Cinema, the subsidiary film comp...
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Jaleo Films
Jaleo Films is a Spanish production company, founded in 2000. It produces films for both cinema and television. Among its productions are Lifting de Corazón (2005), 15 Días Contigo (2005), Aparecidos ...
El Deseo
El Deseo (also known as El Deseo S.A.) is a film production company owned by Spanish film producers the Almodóvar brothers (Pedro and Augustin).
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Luxvideo is an audiovisual production company, based in Andalusia, Spain. Founded by Joe Gutiérrez and Natalia Cubillas in 2009, producing Music Videos, Television Adverts, Radio Adverts, Fitness trai...
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Motion Pictures, S.A.
Motion Pictures is a Spanish production and distribution company of audiovisual TV products, founded by Enrique Uviedo and established in Barcelona since 1975.
The company was founded in 1977 by i...
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Filmax International
Filmax International is a Spanish motion picture production company and film distributor based in Barcelona, and one of the Spain's most important integrated film and television groups. It produced th...