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Tango Scene ~ Al Pacino ~ Scent of a Woman ~ Movie CLIP (1992) Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic 'til I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be...
Lists of films by studio
These are lists of films sorted by the film studio that made them.
Just Cause (film)
Just Cause is a 1995 suspense crime thriller film directed by Arne Glimcher and starring Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne. It is based on John Katzenbach's novel of the same name.
Paul Armstro...
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Whoopi Goldberg filmography
Whoopi Goldberg is an American actress, comedienne and singer. The following is her filmography throughout her entire life acting career. She has won Academy, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Awards. She won th...
Whoopi Goldberg filmography - Wikipedia
If Lucy Fell
If Lucy Fell is a 1996 romantic comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Eric Schaeffer (who also wrote and directed) and Ben Stiller. It was released on DVD January 30, 2001.A young Scarlett Johansson ...
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Manny & Lo
Manny may refer to:
Jim Jarmusch filmography
Jim Jarmusch is an American independent filmmaker and script writer. His filmography includes eleven feature films, a documentary (Year of the Horse), six music videos and four short films. In additio...
Jim Jarmusch filmography - Wikipedia
Sanjeev Kumar filmography
This is the filmography of Sanjeev Kumar, the Indian Bollywood actor.
Blanche Sweet filmography
This is the filmography for Blanche Sweet. According to the Internet Movie Database, Sweet appeared in 161 films between 1909 and 1959.1909 - 1910 - 1911 - 1912 - 1913 - 1914 - 1915 - 1916 - 1917 -...
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Fall (1997 film)
Fall is a 1997 film directed by, written by and starring Eric Schaeffer, alongside Amanda de Cadenet. The film was followed by a 2011 sequel After Fall, Winter.
Michael Shiver (Eric Schaeffer) is...
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Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3 is a 1997 American family comedy film written and produced by John Hughes. It is the third film in the Home Alone series and the first not to feature actor Macaulay Culkin, director Chri...
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The Horse Whisperer (film)
The Horse Whisperer is a 1998 American drama film directed by and starring Robert Redford, based on the 1995 novel The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans. Redford plays the title role, a talented trai...
The Horse Whisperer (film) - Wikipedia
My Brother the Pig
My Brother the Pig is a 1999 American fantasy-comedy film, directed by Erik Fleming and starring Scarlett Johansson, Judge Reinhold, Alex D. Linz, and Eva Mendes.
A boy named George is magically ...
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Rekha filmography
From her first film in 1966, Rekha has been part of over 180 projects, in a career of almost 45 years.
Joan Crawford filmography
Joan Crawford was an American actress who starred in numerous motion pictures throughout her long-running career that spanned nearly five decades.She made her film debut in Lady of the Night (1925), a...
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Sharon Stone filmography
Sharon Stone is an American actress, film producer, and former fashion model. The following is a filmography of her work.Stone came to international attention for her role in Paul Verhoeven's erotic t...
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The Man Who Wasn't There (2001 film)
The Man Who Wasn't There is a 2001 British-American neo-noir film written, produced and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Billy Bob Thornton stars in the title role. Also featured are Tony Shalhoub, Sc...
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Ghost World (film)
Ghost World is a 2001 American comedy-drama film directed by Terry Zwigoff, based on the comic book of the same name by Daniel Clowes, with a screenplay cowritten by Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff. T...
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An American Rhapsody
An American Rhapsody is a 2001 Hungarian-American biographical drama film that tells a story of 15-year-old girl from a Hungarian-American family. The film is based on the true story of the director, ...
An American Rhapsody - Wikipedia
Eight Legged Freaks
Eight Legged Freaks is a 2002 American horror-comedy film directed by Ellory Elkayem and stars David Arquette, Kari Wührer, Scott Terra, and Scarlett Johansson. The plot concerns a collection of spid...
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A filmography is a list of films related by some criteria. For example, an actor's career filmography is the list of films he or she has appeared in; a director's comedy filmography is the list of co...
Suresh Gopi filmography
Suresh Gopi is an Indian actor who has predominantly acted in Malayalam films, besides occasional appearances in Tamil films. The following is his filmography.