Anacamptis israelitica
Anacamptis israelitica is a species of orchid found in Israel.
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Aegilops longissima
Aegilops longissima (syn. Aegilops sharonense Eig, Sitopsis longissima (Schweinf. & Muschl.) Á. Löve, Triticum longissimum (Schweinf. & Muschl.) Bowden, Triticum sharonense L.) is a species in...
Alcea setosa
Alcea setosa (Bristly Hollyhock) is an ornamental plant in the Malvaceae family.The Bristly Hollyhock is commonly found in the Mediterranean Basin, the Galilee, the Carmel, the Gilboa, Judea and Samar...
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Allium calyptratum
Allium calyptratum is a plant species found in Israel, Syria, Palestine and Turkey. It is a bulb-forming perennial with an umbel of white flowers.
Judean date palm
The Judean date palm is a date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) grown in Judea. It is not clear whether there was ever a single distinct Judean cultivar, but dates grown in the region have had distinctive r...
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Orchis galilaea
Orchis galilaea is a species of orchid found from southern Turkey to Israel.This species is pollinated by the bee Halictus marginatus.
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Allium lachnophyllum
Allium lachnophyllum is a species of wild onion native to Israel and Palestine. It is a bulb-forming perennial that produces an umbel of flowers.
Salvia palaestina
Salvia palaestina is a herbaceous perennial native to a wide area including what was historically known as Palestine, (which now includes Israel and the West Bank) and is also native to Turkey, Syria,...
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Allium negevense
Allium negevense is a plant species found in Israel and Palestine. It is a small plant adapted to life in the Negev Desert. It umbel contains only a few white flowers.
Allium papillare
Allium papillare is a plant species found in sandy areas in southern and eastern Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It is a small bulb-forming perennial; flowers have white tepals with purple midveins.<...
Pinus halepensis
Pinus halepensis, commonly known as the Aleppo pine, is a pine native to the Mediterranean region. Its range extends from Morocco and Spain north to southern France, Italy, and Croatia, and east to Gr...
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Allium rothii
Allium rothii is a plant species found in Israel, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. It is a bulb-forming perennial with an umbel of flowers. Tepals are white with deep purple midveins; stamens and ...
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Allium tardiflorum
Allium tardiflorum is a plant species found in Israel. It is a bulb-forming perennial producing an umbel of flowers late in the season, in September or October. Flowers are on long pedicels, forming a...
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Parapholis incurva
Parapholis incurva is a species of grass native to Europe, Asia and northern Africa, and widely naturalised elsewhere. Common names include coast barbgrass, curved sea hard grass, curved hard-grass, s...
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Allium trifoliatum
Allium trifoliatum, called pink garlic, is a Mediterranean species of wild onion. It is native to France, Cyprus, Malta, Italy (Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Basilicata, Apulia, Campania, Abruzzo), Gree...
Ammi visnaga
Ammi visnaga is a species of flowering plant in the carrot family known by many common names, including bisnaga, toothpickweed, and khella. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa, but it can b...
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List of endemic flora of Israel
List of endemic flora of Israel refers to flowers, plants and trees endemic to Israel. There are 2,867 known species of plants.
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Carduus pycnocephalus
Carduus pycnocephalus, with common names including Italian thistle, Italian plumeless thistle, and Plymouth thistle, is a species of thistle. It is native to: the Mediterranean region in southern Euro...
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Atriplex halimus
Atriplex halimus (Mediterranean saltbush, Sea orache, Shrubby orache) is a species of fodder shrub in the Amaranthaceae family, which is native to Europe and Northern Africa, including the Sahara in M...
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