Abies koreana
Korean fir (Abies koreana; 구상나무, Gusang namu in Korean) is a fir native to the higher mountains of South Korea, including Jeju-do island. It grows at altitudes of 1,000–1,900 m in temperate...
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Campanula takesimana
The Korean bellflower (Campanula takesimana, Korean: 섬초롱꽃, seomchorongkkot) is a species of bellflower. It bears pink to white flowers. There are several cultivars.The Korean herbal root, doraji (Kore...
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Hosta yingeri
Hosta yingeri is a species of the genus Hosta.
Quercus stenophylla
Quercus stenophylla is an oak species found in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.The larvae of the Japanese oakblue (Arhopala japonica), of Acrocercops vallata and Marumba sperchius feed on Q. stenophylla...
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