Good Arrows
Good Arrows is the English band Tunng's third album, released in August 2007 on Full Time Hobby in the UK and Thrill Jockey in the U.S. and Canada.A limited edition version of the album was also relea...
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Roll On River
Roll On River is the 1981 album by the German Werner Lämmerhirt and British Wizz Jones, both of them noted solo folk guitarists, singers and songwriters. Jones had first met Lämmerhirt at the Steve Cl...
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Hourglass (Kate Rusby album)
Hourglass is the debut studio album by English contermporary folk musician Kate Rusby, released on March 1, 1997, on Pure Records.
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Once I Was an Eagle
Once I Was an Eagle is the fourth album by British singer-songwriter Laura Marling, and was released on 27 May (US/Canada, 28 May) 2013. "Master Hunter" was the album's first official single release. ...
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Swan for the Money
Swan For The Money is an album by the Old Swan Band.
Soft Black Stars
Soft Black Stars is an album by Current 93. Virtually all of the music on this album was written and adapted by Michael Cashmore, David Tibet and Maja Elliott with the exception of "Judas as Black Mo...
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Sixteen Tons of Bluegrass
Sixteen Tons of Bluegrass is an album by Pete Stanley and Wizz Jones produced by Chas McDevitt, and originally released in the UK1966 on Columbia Records. Wizz & Pete were probably the first Briti...
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Heartlands (Kate Rusby album)
Heartlands is an album by British folk musicians Kate Rusby and John McCusker, released in 2003. It was the soundtrack to the film Heartlands.
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Make the Light
Make the Light is the ninth studio album by folk musician Kate Rusby, released on November 22, 2010 on Pure Records. The album is the first to feature songs written solely by Rusby; an idea suggested ...
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Ground of its Own
Sam Lee (born 6 July 1980) is a British folk singer and traditional music specialist. His debut album, Ground of its Own was shortlisted for the 2012 Mercury Music Award. Lee performs as part of an en...
Poor Man's Heaven
Seth Lakeman's fourth album, Poor Man's Heaven (not to be confused with the EP of the same name released in late 2007), was released on 30 June 2008, entering the UK Album Charts at number 8. Taking o...
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Spiral Staircase – Classic Songs
Spiral Staircase – Classic Songs is a double CD compilation of tracks from Ralph McTell's early Transatlantic LPs Eight Frames a Second, Spiral Staircase, My Side of Your Window and Revisited. It was ...
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The Punch Bowl (album)
The Punch Bowl is a music album by Seth Lakeman published in 2002. It is his first album as a principal performer.
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Heaven and Earth (John Martyn album)
Heaven and Earth is a posthumous studio album by John Martyn, completed by Gary Pollitt, released online on 16 May 2011. During recording the album was provisionally entitled Willing To Work.
All ...
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