Foreign relations of Austria
The 1955 Austrian State Treaty ended the four-power occupation and recognized Austria as an independent and sovereign state. In October 1955, the Federal Assembly passed a constitutional law in which ...
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Austria's Foreign Minister Is Just 27 Years Old
Sebastian Kurz was born in 1986. He joined the Austrian cabinet in December 2013, after being elected to parliament two months earlier.
Partitions of Poland
The Partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or the Partitions of Poland were a series of three partitions that took place towards the end of the 18th century and ended the existence of the Po...
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Anti-German sentiment
Anti-German sentiment (or Germanophobia) is defined as an opposition to or fear of Germany, its inhabitants, its culture and the German language. Its opposite is Germanophilia.The phenomenon had exist...
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Your Job in Germany
Your Job In Germany is a short film made for the United States War Department in 1945 just before Victory in Europe (VE) Day. It was shown to US soldiers about to go on occupation duty in Germany. T...
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