Garrett State Forest
Garrett State Forest is a state forest in the state of Maryland.The forest was formerly known as Swallow Falls State Forest.
Potomac-Garrett State Forest
Potomac-Garrett State Forest is a state forest in the state of Maryland.
79°27′26″W / 39.49194°N 79.45722°W / 39.49194; -79.45722
Mount Nebo State Forest
Mount Nebo State Forest is a state forest in the state of Maryland. 79°23′18″W / 39.44556°N 79.38833°W / 39.44556; -79.38833
Cedarville State Forest
Cedarville State Forest (38°38′25″N 76°49′13″W / 38.64028°N 76.82028°W / 38.64028; -76.82028) is a state forest and protected area in the state of Maryland, near Brandywine, Ce...
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Savage River State Forest
Savage River State Forest is located in the north and northeastern part of Garrett County. The state forest has many waterways, including Savage River Reservoir, which was built in 1952 by the U.S. Ar...
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Doncaster Demonstration Forest
Doncaster Demonstration Forest is a state park in the state of Maryland1,823 acres in Charles County. This forest serves as an educational resource where a variety of silvicultural practices, forest b...
Green Ridge State Forest
Green Ridge State Forest is a state forest in Western Maryland. Approximately 46,000 acres (186 km) in size, it is situated along Green Ridge and Town Hill in eastern Allegany County.Camping, hi...
Seth Demonstration Forest
Seth Demonstration Forest is a state forest in the state of Maryland. 76°2′10″W / 38.75139°N 76.03611°W / 38.75139; -76.03611
List of Maryland state forests
The following is a list of Maryland state forests.
Elk Neck State Forest
Elk Neck State Forest belongs to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and is managed by the Maryland Forest Service, and is adjacent to the town of North East, in Cecil County. It is often co...
Wicomico Demonstration Forest
Wicomico Demonstration Forest is primarily forested land. This area is used by the Maryland Forest Service to demonstrate various timber management techniques and practices.Six marked recreational tra...
Pocomoke State Forest
Pocomoke State Forest is a state forest of Maryland that lies on both banks of the Pocomoke River in Worcester County. The portion north of the Pocomoke lies between Dividing and Nassawango Creeks. ...