Fox News Channel programming
Fox News Channel presents a variety of programming with up to 17 hours of live programming per day. Most of the programs are broadcast from Fox News headquarters in New York City in their street-side ...
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Fox News' Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Leaves Network
Longtime Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren will be leaving the channel after 14 years. Nathan Rousseau Smith has the details.
Fox News cuts down Trump over Megyn Kelly debate boycott
Fox News fires back at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his refusal to participate in their debate on Thursday night.
Fox News Channel
Fox News Channel (FNC), also known as Fox News, is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. As of Febr...
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History of Fox News
Fox News Channel (FNC) is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that was founded by media mogul Rupert Murdoch in 1996. Murdoch appointed Roger Ailes as permanent CEO of the ne...
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Fox News Channel controversies
The Fox News Channel has been accused by academics, media figures, political figures, and watchdog groups of having various biases in their news coverage as well as more general views of a conservativ...
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Fox News Radio
Fox News Radio is an American radio network programmed by Fox News Channel.
In 2003, Fox News began syndicating one minute radio updates to radio stations via syndication service Westwood One. On ...
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