Nicolas Poussin
Et in Arcadia Ego ~~ Nicolas Poussin (15 June 1594 - 19 November 1665), French painter, born in Normandy.
Charles Le Brun
Michel Richard Delalande (1657-1726) Symphonies pour les Soupers du Roy 5ºSuite: La Grande Piéce Royal. Fantaisie our Caprice que le Roy demandoit souvent. U...
Simon Vouet
Exposition Simon Vouet aux Musée des Beau-Arts de Nantes (21/11/08 - 23/02/09)
Philippe de Champaigne
Philippe de Champaigne - Ingerii si arta sublim inspirata
Laurent de La Hyre
Laurent de La Hyre (February 27, 1606 – December 28, 1656) was a French Baroque painter, born in Paris.
La Hyre was greatly influenced by the work of Italian artists who came to Paris. He became a...
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Claude Deruet
Claude Deruet (1588–1660) was a famous French Baroque painter of the 17th century, from the city of Nancy.
Deruet was an apprentice to Jacques Bellange, the official court painter to Charles III, ...
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Claude Mellan
Claude Mellan (23 May 1598 – 9 March 1688) was a French engraver and painter.
Mellan was born in Abbeville, the son of a customs official. He studied under Simon Vouet in Paris, but showed more ...
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Jean LeClerc (painter)
Jean LeClerc (1587/88 – buried 20 October 1633) was a 17th-century painter from the Duchy of Lorraine. His style was Baroque, or more specifically "tenebrist". Only six authenticated paintings remai...
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Vincent Malo
Vincent Malo or Vincent Malo I (Cambrai 1585/1605, (ca. 1595) - Rome, 1649) was a Flemish painter who after training and working in Antwerp was mainly active in Italy, where he was known, amongst othe...
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Michel Serre
Michel Serre (1658–1733) was a Catalan-born French painter.
Michel Serre was born on January 10, 1658 in Tarragona, Spain. His father was Jacques Serre and his mother, Marie Barbos.As a painter, h...
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Francisque Millet
Francisque Millet (1642, Antwerp – 1679, Paris), also known as Jean-François Milée or Millet I, was a Flemish-French landscape painter of the Baroque era.
According to Houbraken, Millet was the so...
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Jacques Fouquier
Jacques Fouquier or Jacob Focquier or Jacques Fouquières (c.1580/1591–1659) was a Flemish Baroque landscape painter.
Jacques Fouquier was born at Antwerp around 1580, where he received some ...
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Jacques Stella
Jacques Stella (1596 - 29 April 1657) was a French painter.
Stella was born in Lyon. His father was François Stella, a painter and merchant of Flemish origin, but he died too soon to train Jacque...
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Jean Jouvenet
Jean-Baptiste Jouvenet (1 May 1644 – 5 April 1717) was a French painter, especially of religious subjects.
He was born into an artistic family in Rouen. His first training in art was from his fath...
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Jacob van Schuppen
Jacob van Schuppen (26 January 1670 – 29 January 1751) was an Austrian Baroque painter.
Born in Fontainebleau, France, as the son of the painter-engraver Pieter van Schuppen, he worked in th...
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Trophime Bigot
Trophime Bigot (1579–1650), also known as Théophile Bigot, Teofili Trufemondi, Candlelight Master, Maître à la Chandelle, was a French painter of the Baroque era, active in Rome and his native Provenc...
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Jacques Blanchard
Jacques Blanchard (1600–1638), also known as Jacques Blanchart, was a French baroque painter who was born in Paris. He was raised and taught by his uncle, the painter Nicolas Bollery (fr) (ca. 1...
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François Stella
François Stella (1563, Mechelen – 1605, Lyon), was a French Baroque painter.
According to Houbraken who mentioned him in a list of Flemish painters he intended to write about, he was only me...
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Nicolas Tournier
Nicolas Tournier (baptised 12 July 1590 – d. before February 1639) was a French Baroque painter.Born in Montbéliard, he followed the profession of his father, André Tournier, "a Protest...
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Nicolas Guibal
Nicolas Guibal (29 November 1725, Lunéville — 3 November 1784, Stuttgart) was a French court painter for the Duchy of Württemberg. His main works consist of ceiling paintings in Castle Solitude, Monre...
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Charles Errard
Charles Errard the Younger ([ɛʁaʁ]; 1606–1689) was a French painter, architect and engraver, co-founder and director of the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture. Louis XIV's minister Jean-Bapt...
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Nicolas Poussin
Nicolas Poussin ([nikɔlɑ pusɛ̃]; 15 June 1594 – 19 November 1665) was the leading painter of the classical French Baroque style, although he spent most of his working life in Rome. His work is charact...
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Madeleine Boullogne
Madeleine Boullogne (baptised 24 July 1646, Paris - 30 January 1710, Paris) was a French Baroque still life painter.
She was the daughter of Louis Boullogne (painter and one of the founders of the...
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Eustache Le Sueur
Eustache Le Sueur or Lesueur (19 November 1617 – 30 April 1655), one of the founders of the French Academy of Painting, was born in Paris, where he passed his whole life.His early death and retired ha...
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Le Nain
The three Le Nain brothers were painters in 17th-century France: Antoine Le Nain (c.1599-1648), Louis Le Nain (c.1593-1648), and Mathieu Le Nain (1607–1677). They produced genre works, portraits and p...
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Louise Moillon
Louise Moillon (1610–1696) was a French painter in the Baroque era. She became known as one of the best still life painters during her time. She worked for King Charles I of England, as well as the F...
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Jacques d'Agar
Jacques d'Agar (Danish: Jacob d'Agar 9 March 1640 – 16 November 1715) was a French portrait painter born in Paris. He was a pupil of Jacob Ferdinand Voet. He began his career as an history pain...
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François Perrier (painter)
François Perrier (1590– 1650), a French painter and etcher, is remembered for his two collections of prints after antique sculptures, the Segmenta nobilium signorum et statuarum quae temporis d...
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Sebastian Stoskopff
Sebastian (or Sébastien) Stoskopff (July 13, 1597 – February 10, 1657) was an Alsatian painter. He is considered one of the most important German still life painters of his time. His works, which were...
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