Alexandre Millerand
Alexandre Millerand ([alɛksɑ̃dʁ milʁɑ̃]; 1859–1943) was a French socialist politician. He was Prime Minister of France 20 January to 23 September 1920 and President of France from 23 September 1920 to...
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Pierre Pflimlin
Pierre Eugène Jean Pflimlin ([pjɛʁ flimlɛ̃];5 February 1907 – 27 June 2000) was a French Christian democratic politician who served as the Prime Minister of the Fourth Republic for a few weeks in 195...
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Jean-Baptiste Teste
Jean-Baptiste Teste (20 October 1780, Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Gard – 20 April 1852, Chaillot, now in Paris) was a French politician of the July Monarchy. He fell from grace in the Teste-Cubières scandal.
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Eugène Schneider
Joseph Eugène Schneider (29 March 1805 – 27 November 1875) was a French industrialist who in 1836 co-founded the Schneider company with his brother Adolphe Schneider.
He was born in Bidestroff, in...
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Laurent Eynac
Laurent Eynac (4 October 1886 – 16 December 1970) was a French politician who was appointed Minister of Transportation on 7 June 1935 until 24 January 1936. He was born in Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille, H...
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Édouard Lockroy
Édouard Lockroy (18 July 1838 – 1913) was a French politician.He was born in Paris, the son of Joseph Philippe Simon (1803–1891), an actor and dramatist who took the name of Lockroy.He had begun by st...
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Adolphe de Forcade La Roquette

La Roquette was born in Paris, the half-brother of the Maréchal de Saint-Arnaud. He trained as a lawyer before embarking upon a political career. He was successively Minister of Finance (26 Novem...
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Louis Malvy
Louis-Jean Malvy (December 1, 1875 – June 10, 1949) was the Interior Minister of France in 1914.
He was born on December 1, 1875 in Figeac in 1875. He was a member of the Radical Party and s...
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Alexandre Goüin
Alexandre Henri Goüin (1792 in Tours – 1872) was a French banker and politician.
Came from a banker family, he was member of the municipal council of Tours from 1820 on and president of the ...
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Pierre-Étienne Flandin
Pierre Étienne Flandin ([pjɛʁ etjɛn flɑ̃dɛ̃]; 12 April 1889 – 13 June 1958) was a French conservative politician of the Third Republic, leader of the Democratic Republican Alliance (ARD), and Prime Mi...
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Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Jean-Pierre Raffarin ([ʒɑ̃ pjɛʁ ʁa.fa.ʁɛ̃]; born 3 August 1948) is a French conservative politician and Senator for Vienne.Jean-Pierre Raffarin served as the Prime Minister of France from 6 May 2002 t...
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Minister of Commerce and Industry (France)
The Minister of Commerce and Industry was a cabinet member in the Government of France. The position was sometimes combined with Minister of Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones. The position has largely...
Jacques Barrot
Jacques Barrot (3 February 1937 – 3 December 2014) was a French politician, who served as European Commissioner for Justice between 2008 and 2010, after having spent four years serving as Commissioner...
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Jean Cruppi
Jean Cruppi (1855, Toulouse – 1933, Fontainebleau) was a French politician of the Third Republic.
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Jean-Marcel Jeanneney
Jean-Marcel Jeanneney (13 November 1910 – 17 September 2010) was a minister in various French governments in the 1950s and 1960s, and France's first ambassador to Algeria in the immediate afterm...
Jules Roche
Jules Roche (22 May 1841, Saint-Étienne - 8 April 1923) was a French politician. He was a member of the Chamber of Deputies from 1881 to 1919. He was Minister of Commerce and Industry from 1890 to 189...
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André Morice
André Morice (11 October 1900, Nantes - 17 January 1990) was a French politician. He represented the Radical Party in the Constituent Assembly elected in 1945, in the Constituent Assembly elected in 1...
Fernand David
Fernand David (October 18, 1869, Annemasse, Haute-Savoie – January 17, 1935) was the French Minister of Agriculture from 21 January 1913 to 22 March 1913.
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Jean Royer
Jean Royer (31 October 1920 – 25 March 2011) was a French catholic and conservative politician, former Minister, and former Mayor of Tours.
Born in Nevers, Nièvre, Royer was at first a teacher. In...
Gaston Doumergue
Pierre-Paul-Henri-Gaston Doumergue ([ɡastɔ̃ dumɛʁɡ]; 1 August 1863 in Aigues-Vives, Gard – 18 June 1937 in Aigues-Vives) was a French politician of the Third Republic.Doumergue came fro...
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Michel Crépeau
Michel Crépeau (30 October 1930, Fontenay-le-Comte, Vendée – 30 March 1999, Paris) was a French centre-left politician.Born in 1930, barrister, he joined the Radical Party. When it split in 1972, he f...
Louis DuBois
Louis DuBois was a Huguenot colonist in New Netherland who, with two of his sons and nine other refugees, founded the town of New Paltz, New York. These Protestant refugees fled Catholic persecution i...
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Pierre Tirard
Pierre Emmanuel Tirard ([pjɛʁ tiʁaʁ]; 27 September 1827 – 4 November 1893) was a French politician.
He was born to French parents in Geneva, Switzerland. After studying in his native town, Tirard ...
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Antoine Maurice Apollinaire d'Argout
Atoine Maurice Apollinaire, Comte d'Argout (28 August 1782 in Veyssilieu, Isère – 15 January 1858 in Paris) was a French statesman, minister and governor of the Bank of France.
He was named Peer o...
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Georges Bonnet
Not to be confused with the French Socialist Georges MonnetGeorges-Étienne Bonnet (22/23 July 1889 – 18 June 1973) was a French politician and leading figure in the Radical Party.
Bonnet was born ...
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René Monory
René Monory (6 June 1923 – 11 April 2009) was a French centre-right politician.
René Monory was born in Loudun and began his career as the owner of a garage. He was the founder of the Poitiers Fut...
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Jean-Baptiste Dumas
Jean Baptiste André Dumas (14 July 1800 – 10 April 1884) was a French chemist, best known for his works on organic analysis and synthesis, as well as the determination of atomic weights (relative atom...
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Victor Lefranc
Bernard Edme Victor Etienne Lefranc (1809–1883), French lawyer and politician, moderated republican, was under the French Third Republic Minister of Agriculture and Trade, then Interior Minister.<...
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Louis Loucheur
Louis Loucheur (August 12, 1872 in Roubaix, Nord – November 22, 1931 in Paris) was a French politician in the Third Republic, at first a member of the conservative Republican Federation, then of the D...
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