The Story Behind The Triggered Feminist Meme
Triggered Feminist, also known as Angry Feminist and Ficki Fiona, refers to a photoshop meme based around a still image of a woman with short hair and glasses appearing angry during a confrontation wi...
Ben Shapiro - SHOCKER: The Gender Pay Gap Is A Lie
Matt Walsh discusses the Paycheck Fairness Act, the latest pet project from Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Listen to this episode of The Matt Walsh Show on iTunes:
Jordan Peterson calmly dismantles feminism in front of two feminists
these videos are not for entertainment, they are clearly fair dealing under UK copyright law and are exempt as they are reporting current affairs, as I am sure you are aware UK courts bear in mind tha...
Mom asks boy to leave public park because she wants girls-only play
It seems she and other moms of daughters had unofficially claimed a local playground as their girls-only meetup place at a set time each week.
Who Needs Feminism?
There’s no easier way for a public figure to evoke the media’s fury than to announce he’s not a feminist. But in this video Andrew Klavan, best-selling author and host of The Andrew Klavan Show announ...
French star Catherine Deneuve defends men's 'right' to chat up women
France's most revered actress, Catherine Deneuve, hit out Tuesday at a new "puritanism" sparked by sexual harassment scandals, declaring that men should
Iceland just became the first country in the world to make it illegal to pay men more than women
Iceland just became the first country in the world to make it illegal to pay men more than women. In the United States in 2016, black women made 62.5 cents on the dollar compared to white men and...
Katie Pavlich called out U.S. Senator Kirsten...
Katie Pavlich called out U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for calling one of President Donald J. Trump's tweets 'a sexist smear.': "Feminists have to make a choice - they either want to be treated...
How to stupefy a feminist teacher
How to stupefy a feminist teacher 😼 — Products shown: Defund Berkeley, Dangerous Dark Roast and Milo Mystery Box.
Feminism has gone off the deep end
Feminism has gone off the deep end...
Ashley Judd's EPIC Nasty Woman Speech At The Women's March On Washington
Ashley Judd passionately denounces President Donald Trump's misogyny at the 2017 Women's March on Washington by reciting Nina Donovan's I Am A Nasty Woman poem. Reflect this video on your Facebook:...
Madonna Says She Wants To Blow Up The White House
Madonna said she's "thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House" during a speech at the Women's March on Washington on Saturday.
The New Sexual Puritans
How the sex abuse scandal is being hijacked to demonize all men. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @
Feminists are cancerous communists!
Feminists are cancerous communists! Like and share if you agree with Kait's Unsafe Space
Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includ...
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