Frogs are a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short-bodied, tailless amphibians composing the order Anura (Ancient Greek an-, without + oura, tail). The oldest fossil "proto-frog" appeared in t...
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These Frogs Don’t Hop, They Walk
These frogs get around by walking instead of hopping. (via Seeker)
A Poisonous Frog Hiding In Plain Sight
The poison dart frog may be the world’s most poisonous animal on earth, but the bold warning of its skin also doubles as camouflage.
World's first fluorescent frog that glows bright green is found in Argentina
World's first fluorescent frog that glows bright green is found in Argentina Under normal light the polka-dot tree frog is a dull green/brown colour But scie...
Slow-motion footage reveals the unique way frog's capture their prey
Alexis Noel has done something many of us will never do — scrape spit off of frog tongues — 15 frogs to be exact. "It was pretty disgusting," Noel, who is a ...
Devil Frog Vomits Up A New Ant Species
Sometimes scientists make discoveries in the strangest of places. Like the belly of a poison frog.
'Extinct' Frog Rediscovered After 150 Years, Eats Mom's Eggs
An expedition led by the "Frogman of India" found the odd amphibian living in tree hollows, a new study says.
Scientist Finds Frog Inside a Frog During CT Scan
Colloquially known as “Pac-Man” frogs, Ceratophrys have the advantage of being able to open their mouths widely enough to swallow their prey whole into a belly that takes up most of its body mass — he...
Frog study suggests context matters when choosing a mate
The presence of a third option acts as a "decoy effect," inspiring a female frog to consistently select the less attractive of the two original options.
Bizarre Bat With Longest Tongue Discovered In Bolivian Park
WCS reports that the groundbreaking Bolivian scientific expedition, Identidad Madidi, has found a bizarre bat along with a new species of big-headed or robber frog (Oreobates sp. nov.) from the Craug...
These Frogs Shoot Venom Straight From Their Heads
Scientists discover that two species pack a powerful punch to potential predators with a poisonous poke from their heads. If these guys headbutt you, seek medical help immediately. Frogs are one of na...
New Species Of Glass Frog Has Transparent Skin And Kermit's Eyes
A new species of glass frog has been discovered with translucent skin so you can see its insides. The creature, named Hyalinobatrachium dianae, was found in the mountains of eastern Costa Rica and has...
Shape-Shifting Frog Discovered In Ecuador
When faced with the threat of being gobbled up by hungry predators, the ability to seamlessly blend in with the environment is crucial for survival.
Orbi Yokohama launches FROG burgers to celebrate new poisonous creatures section
The 'Frog Menu' signature dish will feature a deep fried amphibian, sandwiched between a black bun burger, complete with legs dangling out the side.
Absurd Creature of the Week: The Frog Whose Young Erupt From Under Its Skin
This is the Surinam toad, Pipa pipa, whose females absorb their eggs into their own backs. Here the embedded young develop safely before erupting through their mom’s skin.
14 Fun Photos of Personality-Filled Frogs
Is that tiny frog holding a leaf like an umbrella, to shield himself from the rain? Yes, and it's just one of several amazing shots by photographers who featu…
Frog hearing and communication
Frogs and toads produce a rich variety of sounds, calls, and songs during their courtship and mating rituals. The callers, usually males, make stereotyped sounds in order to advertise their location, ...
Sexual selection in frogs
Two types of sexual selection processes are male-male competition and female choice. In male-male competition, males compete for the opportunity to breed. This competition has led to the evolution of ...
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Flying frog
A flying frog (also called a gliding frog) is a frog that has the ability to achieve gliding flight. That is, it can descend at an angle of less than 45° relative to the horizontal. Other (non-flying)...
Glass frog
The glass frogs (or glassfrogs) are frogs of the amphibian family Centrolenidae (order Anura). While the general background coloration of most glass frogs is primarily lime green, the abdominal skin o...
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Poison dart frog
Poison dart frog (also known as dart-poison frog, poison frog or formerly known as poison arrow frog) is the common name of a group of frogs in the family Dendrobatidae which are native to Central and...
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A toad is any of a number of species of amphibians in the order Anura (frogs) that are characterized by dry, leathery skin, short legs and snout-like parotoid glands.
A distinction between frogs a...
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Tree frog
A tree frog is any frog that spends a major portion of its lifespan in trees, known as an arboreal state. Several lineages of frogs among the Neobatrachia have given rise to tree frogs, although they ...
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Frogs of New Zealand
All of the amphibians of New Zealand are either from the Leiopelma genus endemic to the country or are one of the introduced species, of which three are extant. Pepeketua is the eponymized Māori word....
Frogs as pets
Frogs have recently become very popular exotic pets as they are generally undemanding, often visually appealing, and can be kept under fairly basic conditions, compared to reptiles. Many frogs, especi...
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Edible frog
The edible frog (Pelophylax kl. esculentus) is a name for a common European frog, also known as the common water frog or green frog (however, this latter term is also used for the North American spec...
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