A Magical Garden Where Clouds Grow on a Hillside in Provence
At the age of 69, Nicole de Vesian's real adventure started. After a career of designing hats and linens for Hermes, she decamped to Provence to embark on her most ambitious design project: a strange ...
Lists of invasive species
These are lists of invasive species by country or region. A species is regarded as invasive if it has been introduced by human action to a location, area, or region where it did not previously occur n...
Lists of plant diseases
Lists of plant diseases are presented in the following table.
List of decorative stones
Natural stone is a geographical list of stone used for decorative purposes in construction and monumental sculpture; currently or historically produced in various countries. In addition hardstone car...
List of late spring flowers
These flowers come into bloom in late spring:
List of invasive species in the Everglades
Invasive species in the Everglades are exotic plants and animals that have aggressively adapted to conditions in wilderness areas in southern Florida. The Everglades are a massive watershed in the sou...
List of invasive species in the Everglades - Wikipedia
Pollen source
The term pollen source is often used in the context of beekeeping and refers to flowering plants as a source of pollen for bees or other insects. Bees collect pollen as a protein source to raise their...
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List of horticulture and gardening books/publications
This list of horticulture and gardening books includes notable gardening books and journals, which can to aid in research and for residential gardeners in planning, planting, harvesting, and maintaini...
Jardin botanique de l'Université de Strasbourg
The Jardin Botanique de l'Université de Strasbourg (3.5 hectares), also known as the Jardin botanique de Strasbourg and the Jardin botanique de l'Université Louis Pasteur, is a botanical garden and ar...
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List of companion plants
This is a list of companion plants. Many more are in the list of beneficial weeds. Companion plants assist in the growth of others by attracting beneficial insects, repelling pests, or providing nutri...
List of companion plants - Wikipedia
List of kampo herbs
Kampō (or Kanpō, 漢方) medicine is the Japanese study and adaptation of Traditional Chinese medicine. In 1967, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved 4 kampo medicines for reimburs...
Palais Longchamp
The Palais Longchamp is a monument in the 4th arrondissement of Marseille, France. It houses the city's musée des beaux-arts and natural history museum. The surrounding park (the Parc Longchamp) is li...
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Around the World in 80 Gardens
Around the World in 80 Gardens was a television series of 10 programmes in which British gardener and broadcaster Monty Don visited 80 of the world's most celebrated gardens. The series was filmed ov...
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Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse
The Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Mulhouse is a 25-hectare (62-acre) public zoo and botanical garden located at 51 Rue du Jardin Zoologique, Mulhouse, in the department of Haut-Rhin, in the Alsace R...
List of Radermachera sinica diseases
This is a list of diseases of Radermachera sinica (China doll).
List of Radermachera sinica diseases - Wikipedia
Parc Oriental de Maulévrier
The Parc Oriental de Maulévrier (29 hectares) is a Japanese garden located in Maulévrier, Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, France. It is open daily except Monday in the warmer months; an admission fe...
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In agriculture, gardening, and landscaping, barkdust (also bark dust, bark chips, bark mulch, or beauty bark) is a form of mulch produced out of chipped or shredded tree bark. Coarser forms of barkdu...
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Zantedeschia /ˌzæntɨˈdɛskiə/ is a genus of eight species of herbaceous perennial flowering plants in the family Araceae, native to southern Africa from South Africa north to Malawi. The genus has been...
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List of Ficus diseases
This is a list of diseases affecting species of the genus Ficus.
List of mint diseases
This article is a list of diseases of mint (Mentha piperita, M. cardiaca, M. spicata and M. arvensis).
Jardins de Salagon
The Jardins de Salagon are a public park, museum and an ethnobotanical garden located in the town of Mane, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Department of France. They surround the buildings of Salagon ...
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Parc du 26e Centenaire
The Parc du XXVième Centenaire is a public park located in the city of Marseille in France. It is listed by the French Ministry of Culture as one of the Notable Gardens of France.
The eighteen-hec...
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