Namdaemun (Kaesong)
The Kaesong Namdaemun is the south gate of the old walled city of Kaesong, North Korea. Constructed between 1391 and 1393, it is the only one of the original seven citadel gates to survive mostly int...
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List of gates in Korea
This List of Gates in Korea consists of all gates, past and present, found in North and South Korea. It is arranged alphabetically by official name (if known), and is incomplete.
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Not to be confused with Dongdaemun, the old east gate of SeoulTaedong Gate is the eastern gate of the inner castle of the walled city of Pyongyang (Pyongyang Castle), and one of the National Treasures...
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Potong Gate is the western gate of the inner complex of the walled city of Pyongyang (Pyongyang Castle). It was originally built in the sixth century as an official Koguryo construction, and was late...