Geography of Iran
Geographically, Iran is located in West Asia and borders the Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Gulf of Oman.Its mountains have helped to shape both the political and the economic history of the country ...
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Reformist Gains In Iran Elections Clear Way For Business Boom
Gains by reformist candidates in Iranian elections open the way for changes to economic policy that will boost foreign investment and trade with the West, businessmen and analysts said on Sunday.
Isis 'fed murdered kidnap victim to his own mother'
Yasir Abdulla, who left his home in Yorkshire to travel to Iraq to fight against the Islamic State says an elderly Kurdish woman was tricked into eating her own son, who had been captured by the group...
List of mountains in Iran
This is a list of mountains in the country of Iran.
By clicking on the symbols at the head of the table the individual columns may be sorted.
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List of islands of Iran
This is a list of islands of Iran.
Transport in Iran
Transport in Iran is inexpensive because of the government's subsidization of the price of gasoline. The downside is a huge draw on government coffers, economic inefficiency because of highly wasteful...
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Communications in Iran
Iran’s telecommunications industry is almost entirely state-owned, dominated by the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI). Fixed-line penetration in 2004 was relatively well-developed by regional st...
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Wildlife of Iran
Wildlife of Iran includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats. One of the most famous members of wildlife in Iran are the world's last surviving, critically endangered Asiatic cheetah also ...
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List of birds of Iran
This is a list of the bird species recorded in Iran. The avifauna of Iran include a total of 527 species, of which two are endemic, three have been introduced by humans and fourteen are rare or accide...
List of mammals of Iran
This is a list of the mammal species recorded in Iran. There are 191+11 (Karami et al., 2008) mammal species in Iran, of which 2 are critically endangered, 6 are endangered, 17 are vulnerable, and 5 a...
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List of national parks and protected areas of Iran
The National parks and protected areas, and wildlife refuges, of Iran
The national parks, protected areas, and wildlife refuges in Iran include:
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List of biosphere reserves in Iran
Under UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Reserve Programme, there are currently 119 biosphere reserves recognized as part of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves in Asia and the Pacific. These are distribu...
Environmental issues in Iran
Environmental issues in Iran include, especially in urban areas, vehicle emissions, refinery operations, and industrial effluents which contribute to poor air quality. Most cars use leaded gas and lac...
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Mining in Iran
Mining in Iran is underdeveloped, yet the country is one of the most important mineral producers in the world, ranked among 15 major mineral-rich countries, holding some 68 types of minerals, 37 ...
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Agriculture in Iran
Roughly one-third of Iran's total surface area is suited for farmland, but because of poor soil and lack of adequate water distribution in many areas, most of it is not under cultivation.Only 12% of t...
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Economy of Iran
The economy of Iran is a mixed and transition economy with a large public sector. Some 60% of the economy is centrally planned. It is dominated by oil and gas production, although over 40 industries a...
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Irrigation in Iran
Irrigation in Iran covers 89,930 km making it the fifth ranked country in terms of irrigated area.
The Abadan Island (Fig. 1) in Khūzestān Province is situated between the Arvand and Bahmansh...
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Foreign relations of Iran
Foreign relations of Iran refers to inter-governmental relationships between Iran and other countries. Geography is very significant factor in informing Iran's foreign policy. Following the 1979 Irani...
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Balochistan or Baluchistan (Balochi: بلوچستان, lit. Land of the Baloch) is an arid desert and mountainous region on the Iranian plateau in south-western Asia, northwest of the Arabian Sea. It stre...
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Geology of Iran
The main points that are discussed in the geology of Iran include the study of the geological and structural units or zones; stratigraphy; magmatism and igneous rocks; ophiolite series and ultramafic ...
Khorasan may refer to:
Kurdistan or Greater Kurdistan ( (listen)  "Land of the Kurds"; also formerly spelled Curdistan; ancient name: Corduene) is a roughly defined geo-cultural region wherein the Kurdish people f...