Chronicle of Henry of Livonia
The Livonian Chronicle of Henry (Latin: Heinrici Cronicon Lyvoniae) or Henry's chronicle of Livonia is a document in Latin describing historic events in Livonia (roughly corresponding to today's i...
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Albert of Stade
Friar Albert of Stade, O.F.M., was a 13th-century chronicler, born before the end of the 12th century, most likely about 1187.
Albert became the abbot of the Benedictine Monastery of St. John in S...
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Johann Carion
Johann Carion (1499–1537) was a German astrologer, known also for historical writings.
He was court astrologer to Elector Joachim I Nestor of Brandenburg. A prognostication he published in 1521 ga...
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Michael Beheim
Michael Beheim (also Michel Behaim, Beham or Behm, 1416-c.1472) was a wandering singer from the modern-day German state Baden-Württemberg. He is an author of a number of songs and two versed chronicle...
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