German cuisine
For various examples of German cuisine, see List of German dishes.German cuisine has evolved as a national cuisine through centuries of social and political change with variations from region to regio...
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Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial
Here's your guide to making the perfect burger from the 'Master Chef' Chef himself, Gordon Ramsay! SUBSCRIBE to GMA ► To read the fu...
Giant Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll
Giant Apple Pie Cinnamon Roll
How to Make a Smash Burger at Home
The perfect burger is simple, lacy-edged, and smashed. Bon Appétit editor in chief Adam Rapoport has mastered the craft.
The Hamburger Report
Under the Microscope: A Molecular Analysis of Burger Products.The results of Clear Labs’ “Hamburger Report” are somewhat disturbing for both carnivores and vegetarians..
GERMANY BANS SAUSAGES: Pork banned in cafes and schools to 'not offend refugees'
SCHOOLS and canteens in Germany have BANNED pork from their menus over fears of offending Muslim migrants, a top politician has revealed.
Report: Human DNA found in hot dogs
Hot dogs are considered one of the most American foods. However, a report uncovers some startling findings on what people are really eating when they bite into a frankfurter. Clear Food analyzed 345...
5 Ingredient Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Gnocchi
These easy, five ingredient gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi are like a homemade pasta dream. Crisp on the edges, fluffy inside. They are prepared without eggs or cheese so they are vegan too! Try th...
Crustless Apple Pie Baked Apples
These baked apples are the perfect Fall comfort food... a healthy dessert that tastes absolutely delicious!
What to Eat at the German Christmas Markets
Having visited some German Christmas markets again this year, I got to sample even more delicious regional food. Similar to the food found at Oktoberfest, there are certain German staples that can be ...
Sven Elverfeld’s Aqua: An Exquisite Introduction to the Neue Deutsche Schule
A Volkswagen factory might be the last place you would expect to find a modern luxury hotel and a Michelin 3 star restaurant, but those are exactly what you will find should you venture to the Volkswa...
El Cochinillo de Candido – Finally!
Suckling pig – those are magic words to those who have had it. True suckling pig is a rare treat in the United States. It is in Spain too, but there it is a delicacy that is well known and well appre...
Sauerkraut - The Science Behind Sauerkraut Fermentation
Nourishing Treasures - Promote health and prevent disease to your body by using traditional foods and nature's medicine.
German wine
In this week's series we report on superlatives in the German wine landscape. Today we focus on Germany's most successful grape, the Riesling.
German wine
German wine is primarily produced in the west of Germany, along the river Rhine and its tributaries, with the oldest plantations going back to the Roman era. Approximately 60 percent of the German win...
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Hessian cuisine
Hessian cuisine is based on centuries-old recipes, and forms a major part of the Hesse identity. Reflecting Hesse's central location within Germany, Hessian cuisine fuses north German and south German...
Lower Saxon cuisine
Lower Saxon cuisine (German: Niedersächsische Küche) covers a range of regional, North German culinary traditions from the region correspondingly broadly to the state of Lower Saxony, which in man...
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Bavarian cuisine
Bavarian cuisine is a style of cooking derived from Bavaria.The origins of Bavarian cuisine are rural. The cuisine typically includes many meat and Knödel dishes, and the prominent use of flour.The Ba...
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