Gerd von Rundstedt
Karl Rudolf Gerd von Rundstedt (12 December 1875 – 24 February 1953) was a German Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) during World War II.Born into a Prussian family with a long military traditi...
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Heinrich August de la Motte Fouqué
Ernst Heinrich August de la Motte Fouqué (4 February 1698 – 3 May 1774) was a Prussian general and a confidant of King Frederick the Great. Fouqué held the title of Freiherr (baron).
Born in The H...
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Richard Walther Darré
Richard Walther Darré (born Ricardo Walther Oscar Darré; 14 July 1895 – 5 September 1953), was one of the leading Nazi "blood and soil" (German: Blut und Boden) ideologists and served as Reichsministe...
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Hermann Souchon
Hermann Wilhelm Souchon ([suˈʃɔŋ]; 1894–1982) was a German Navy officer who, according to the testimonies of two accomplices, executed Rosa Luxemburg on January 15, 1919, in Berlin.
A nephew of Ad...
Jean-Louis Raduit de Souches
Count Jean-Louis Raduit de Souches (La Rochelle France, August 16, 1608 – Jevišovice Moravia, August 12, 1682) was a German Imperial Field marshal of French descent. He was the son of a Huguenot...
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Daniel Tossanus
Daniel Tossanus (Toussain, Toussaint) (1541-1602) was a French Reformed theologian.
He was born at Montbéliard on 15 July 1541, the son of Pierre Toussain. He was educated at Basel and Tübingen. R...
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Barthold Suermondt
Barthold Suermondt (18 May 1818, Utrecht - 1 March 1887, Aachen) was a German entrepreneur, banker, philanthropist, and art collector, of Dutch-Huguenot heritage.He was born in 1818 in Utrecht to Dirk...
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Gertrud von Le Fort
The Baroness Gertrud von Le Fort (full name Gertrud Auguste Lina Elsbeth Mathilde Petrea Freiin von Le Fort; 11 October 1876 – 1 November 1971) was a German writer of novels, poems and essays.
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Éléonore Desmier d'Olbreuse
Éléonore Marie d'Esmier d'Olbreuse (3 January 1639 – 5 February 1722) was the wife of George William, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, and grandmother of George II of Great Britain. She was Countess ...
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Friedrich Gilly
Friedrich David Gilly (Born in 16 February 1772 – Died in 3 August 1800) was a German architect and the son of the architect David Gilly.Born in Altdamm (Dąbie), Pomerania (today a district of Szczeci...
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Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué
Friedrich Heinrich Karl de la Motte, Baron Fouqué (12 February 1777 – 23 January 1843) was a German writer of the romantic style.
He was born at Brandenburg an der Havel, of a family of French Hug...
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Adolf Galland
Adolf "Dolfo" Joseph Ferdinand Galland (19 March 1912 – 9 February 1996) was a German Luftwaffe general and flying ace who served throughout the Second World War in Europe. A flying ace or fighter ace...
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Ulrich de Maizière
Ulrich de Maizière ([də mɛˈzi̯ɛːɐ̯]; 24 February 1912 – 26 August 2006) was a German general. He served as an aide to general Adolf Heusinger during World War II and later succeeded Heusinger as Chief...
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Hermann von François
Hermann Karl Bruno von François (January 31, 1856 – May 15, 1933) was a German General der Infanterie during World War I, and is best known for his key role in several German victories on the Eastern ...
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Johann Heinrich Samuel Formey
Johann Heinrich Samuel Formey (31 May 1711 – 7 March 1797) was a German author who wrote in French. Besides his activities as a journalist or editor, he contributed to the French Encyclopédie....
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Willibald Alexis
Willibald Alexis, the pseudonym of Georg Wilhelm Heinrich Häring (29 June 1798 – 16 December 1871), was a German historical novelist.
Alexis was born in Breslau. His father, who came of a ...
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Paul Tossanus
Paul Tossanus (Toussain) (1572–1634) was a Huguenot minister, who spent most of his life in Germany.
He was born at Château de Montargis, owned by Renée of France, and was the son of Daniel Tossan...
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Sophia Dorothea of Celle
Sophia Dorothea of Celle (15 September 1666 – 13 November 1726) was the repudiated wife of George I of Great Britain and mother of George II. The union with her first cousin was an arranged marriage o...
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Friedrich Ancillon
Johann Peter Friedrich Ancillon (30 April 1767 – 19 April 1837) was a Prussian historian and statesman.Ancillon was born in Berlin, and was the great-grandson of French jurist and diplomat Charle...
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Theodor Fontane
Theodor Fontane ([ˈtʰeːodoɐ̯ fɔnˈtaːnə]; 30 December 1819 – 20 September 1898) was a German novelist and poet, regarded by many as the most important 19th-century German-language realist writer.
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Reinhold Rehs
Reinhold Rehs (12 October 1901 – 4 December 1971) was a German politician and chairman of the Federation of Expellees in 1967-70.Rehs was born in Klinthenen (now Znamenka), district of Gerdauen,...
Hellmut von der Chevallerie
Hellmut von der Chevallerie (9 November 1896 – 1 June 1965) was a highly decorated General of the Infantry in the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War who commanded the 13th Panzer Division. H...
Thilo Sarrazin
Thilo Sarrazin (born 12 February 1945) is a German politician (SPD), writer, and former member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank (until 30 September 2010). He previously served as sena...
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Friedrich Carl von Savigny
Friedrich Carl von Savigny (21 February 1779 – 25 October 1861) was a famous 19th-century jurist and historian.
Savigny was born at Frankfurt, of a family recorded in the history of Lorraine, deri...
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Jean de Bodt
Jean de Bodt (1670 – 3 January 1745) was a Baroque architect of the 18th century.
Bodt was born in Paris to French Huguenot parents. He studied architecture, but was forced to flee from Fra...
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Carl von Gontard
Carl von Gontard (January 13, 1731 in Mannheim – September 23, 1791 in Breslau) was a German architect; he worked primarily in Berlin, Potsdam, and Bayreuth.He modified the original Deutscher Dom and ...
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Malwida von Meysenbug
Malwida von Meysenbug (28 October 1816 — 23 April 1903) was a German writer, her work including Memories of an Idealist, the first volume of which she published anonymously in 1869. As well, she was a...
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Kurt von der Chevallerie
Kurt Wilhelm Gustav Erdmann von der Chevallerie (23 December 1891 – missing as of 18 April 1945) was a highly decorated General der Infanterie in the Wehrmacht during the Second World War who commande...
Anton Friedrich Justus Thibaut
Anton Friedrich Justus Thibaut (4 January 1772 – 20 March 1840), was a German jurist and musician.
He was born at Hamelin, in Hanover, the son of an officer in the Hanoverian army, of French Hugue...
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Emil du Bois-Reymond
Emil du Bois-Reymond (7 November 1818 – 26 December 1896) was a German physician and physiologist, the discoverer of nerve action potential, and the father of experimental electrophysiology.
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